WIWW: Intervention + Link Up

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

These (now $15!) shirts, I can't quit them. I have three and I think that might be grounds for an intervention. Everyday I go to my closet and think, "hmmm, which color linen tee will I wear today?" Then I head to the other section of my closet and think, "hmmmm, my white stretchy, so comfy denim shorts, or their gray twin?" Even Chris has noticed my repeated outfits. Normally he doesn't notice how often I wear certain clothes, but he is a huge fan of these almost too short shorts and lets me know it each time I wear them ("babeeeeee, oww owww!" usually followed by me swatting his hand away). Here I am wearing an almost identical outfit because comfy and original is the name of my fashion game.

These sandals are making a comeback. Luckily I've had mine for almost a decade and was on the verge of donating them a couple years ago. I'm glad I held out! I've been wearing them non-stop lately. And, according to this article from People Magazine, I am the owner of the perfect pair of Birks!

My sunnies brake the bank at a whopping $12 and my earrings are $4 knock offs of these. I'm really trying to branch out in the sunglasses department and right now these and these are going to be coming home with me very soon. All of Nordstrom's $12 sunglasses are the bomb. And that way when I sit on them and my butt crushes them like a bomb, I don't feel so sad :)

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  1. That's my favorite summer outfit too! Though my shorts are longer :)

  2. What a pretty bag! Your outfit looks so comfy and well put together!

  3. Love the comfy outfit, will have to check out your linen tees, I think I need 1...or 4...:)

  4. Cute & comfy-- perfect for staying cool in summer! Love your bargain finds!

  5. I've expanded in my sunglasses department too! You can't beat $12! I'm thinking clear framed ones are next on my list. I'm also loving those shorts!! Now if only I can have your legs to go with them....as Chris would say..."Ow ow ow!" Lol ;)

  6. I love jean shorts as well! Casual or dressed up a little, they are wonderful! Nordstrom does have some adorable $12 sunglasses! I've gotten a few pairs and love them! I mean for $12!! Score!

  7. So so cute! The perfect buzzing around outfit for summer!!


  8. This little teal bag adds such a perfect touch of colour!