Thursday, June 18, 2015

You probably don't know...

I'm never one to shy away from a dancing opportunity. It also take a lot to embarrass me, so I am usually the one dragging people on the dance floor.

I used to hate the idea of having an inside dog. Now I've got two who rule my world. Whoops!

Chris and I are the couple who cracks everyone up. Whether it is dancing, playing jokes, or creating that awkward moment, Chris and I are there to make everyone laugh. 

I've been best friends with my MOH (the one to my left) since third grade. My parents always said that I'd go through life and have friends come and go, but at the end of it all, I'd end up with a handful of truly amazing friends. Once again, the parents were right!

 Helene is awesome for hosting this link up. But you probably did know that :)


  1. I used to totally hate the idea of an inside dog as well. Now that I am a full blown dog mom, I wouldn't have it any other way! My bulldog hates being outside for more than about 20 minutes anyways :) I love this link up Helene is hosting today! I'm glad I could join and connect with new people! Have a great day!

    Alexis @

  2. I too love making people laugh. Your wedding dress was beautiful.

  3. Man I'm sad we've only hung out once!!! we need to go out dancing :)

  4. I love dancing and whatnot and people are surprised it doesn't take any liquid courage for me to get out on the dance floor. The only thing I usually need that for is karaoke :)

  5. I love playing jokes on people. It's one of my favorite things.

    And I'm jealous that you got to meet Helene!

  6. Dancing all the time, to anything, is a must!

  7. I love this post of getting to know you better. Helene is so funny to, I could see you guys getting along really well together :)

  8. Major fan of the finger pointing move!


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