Palm Leaf Shift Dress || Under $30

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nothing screams beach vacation like an outfit with palm leaves on it. Then you see that the leaves are slapped on your favorite style of dress and you end up walking out of the store like a boss. Okay, not really. Or at least I hope you don't walk out of Old Navy like a boss. That'd be a tad bit overkill. 

This dress is all sorts of great. Y'all know I am a shift dress kind of gal. And you know what makes wearing dresses great? That I've got my Skimmies on to make sure my booty doesn't have any panty lines and my dress doesn't ride up and show off all my goodies. Skimmies are equipped with anti-static defense and are super lightweight and comfortable. Beat that, panties.

Here is one more example why Skimmies save all the ladies. You know the girl I am about to talk about. The one that decided a thong was a good idea to wear with a dress and now her butt is eating her dress. Give a girl a Skimmie and you can save you from that embarrassment! 

So, not only is this dress an A+, but what you can't see in the picture (thank God) are my Skimmies under there just hanging out, doing their job! 

Thank goodness I was: #SavedBySkimmies #StyleHuntersLoveSkimmies

PS: all dresses and skirts at Old Navy are up to 40% off!


  1. "her butt is eating her dress" TOTALLY cracked. me. UP!!!

  2. Lol pretty sure I am going to have to check out these skimmies. And then maybe hand them out secretly to a few teachers in my building who could use the lesson of not letting their rear end eat their bottom covering. :)

  3. Hahahaha! I don't want to be that girl!! I need to check out skimmies apparently, because my goodies are sacred too! P.S. - Those wedges though... ;)

  4. i need this dress in my life!! you look adorable!

  5. You girl make me laugh when i see the photos of you in the first seconds. But when i read the whole blog post, i must say that: You're very stylish. I want to have a same one for my upcoming journey.

    Kisses from Khánh at Áo chống nắng Uniqlo VNXK