Why blogging scares me.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I've had this conversation with a couple friends lately and I figured I'd just get it out there.

My biggest fear with this blog is coming off as unauthentic. I never want my family or a personal friend to call me and say, "what the heck was that post today?!" I think I'd crawl up in a hole and eat Blue Bell ice cream until I got listeria. 

Now, I don't feel that I have ever really done something or said something that wasn't me, but when I think about expanding my blog the first thing that comes to my mind is, "is that decision a reflection of me?" I get emails frequently with sweet people telling me how they love this space of mine because of how real I keep it and I never want that to change.

It is so easy to compare your blog to the next, your amount of followers to other people's followers, your content to others content. Comparison is to root of all evil and I feel that I am really good at staying true to me.

Hey, I never started this blog to gain followers, make money, get free stuff, or for any reason other than to try and get my mom to stop calling me fourteen times a day asking how married life was. Now, almost three years later, I've met so many friends and developed so many relationships with other bloggers that I can't imagine not ever meeting these people.

With the fashion blogging world, my biggest, and I mean BIGGEST fear is that I never want my audience to feel like I am pushing a product on them. I honestly don't really care if you buy my shirt and I'm not here to convince you to buy it just so I can make a commission off of it.

All my outfits are affordable, casual, and comfortable. If I link something up it is because I truly love that piece. I never ever Photoshop my pictures (I don't even know how and I'm pretty sure my janky old HP computer doesn't know how to either) and that's not to say that one day I might splurge on a Mac and Photoshop, but for now, my editing in Windows, where I alter the color a bit, is fine with me.

Going forward, I am planning on incorporating more outfit posts into my blog, as those posts seem to be fan favorites. With those posts you can expect a story and not just a, "This shirt is like rainbows and sprinkles all mixed together with chocolate and topped with whip cream. Go buy it NOW, HERE!" With that being said, would you mind telling me if you normally shop online, or in the stores? Being a store shopper, I sometimes feel hesitant convincing people to order items online, since I don't shop online.

I am also planning on a good mix of home decor posts thrown in the mix. Then again, don't come here looking for white cabinets with Carrara marble and a sterile hospital palette of white. We live in our house. And by live I mean we have two giant dogs who shed like it's their job, I have a husband who comes home looking like he rolled in mud at work, and then you have me who is the queen of taking my shoes off everywhere, but the closet. We don't have a maid, although I'm looking into it because mopping to me is like washing the car when it's raining. The moment it's clean, it's dirty again.

So, since I have some time on my hands this summer I am planning on making a small shift in my blogs content. Like I said, the stories will be there with every post, but my goal is to get two to three outfit posts up a week, coupled with some DIY and home decor posts.

Once again, thanks for always sticking with me. I have the best readers and truly do wish I could invite you all over for ice cream and a Coke. And probably pizza, because Chris and I have an addiction.

Have Thursday!


  1. Hi Sarah! I'm an online shopper for the most part...but only at sites that offer free shipping and returns like Nordstrom and Old Navy and Gap (I'm a Gap cardholder). Love your blog, keep doing what you're doing!

    Jenny from MN

  2. Hi! I'm an online shopper but usuallt\y only at Gap & Old Navy... But I also shop ThredUp, too! Thanks for keeping it read!


  3. Um...can I say how much I love this post?! First, I've never felt you weren't you and don't think additional outfit posts will make it any less you at all. I was hesitant to do more myself, but that's me, I've always had a love for outfits, styles, etc. ;) And you know my crazy ways, I'm 95% online shopper. You also won't see white cabinets when we do our kitchen either...cause I'm afraid to even see what wipes off our wood cabinets when I actually clean it once a year. (insert monkey eye covering emoji here). Love you friend!

  4. I love your realness if that's even a word. I do most of my shopping online only because my 5 year old makes it very difficult in the store.
    I can't wait to see your home decor posts. My house is very lived in. Big dog, 5 year old boy and airplane mechanic husband that likes to hunt and fish. :)

  5. I absolutely adore the person you are both online and in person because they are the exact same person. I am so thankful that blogging brought you into my life and am so thankful for your friendship.