A Funny Story

Monday, June 29, 2015

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I know, I'm sure the title is what brought you here. I don't blame you. It's not everyday you come across a lucky mole.

Last week I went to lunch with a friend and while I was waiting for her to get there, the waiter brought over some water. Before he said anything he GASPED and said, "That mole! Oh my God, you've got a lucky mole!" I'm sitting here thinking, "Lucky mole? What the heck?!" He was referring to the mole at the bottom of my neck.

I proceed to question him about it and he says that his grandmother used to say that moles in that area will bring you good luck in life.

Now, this man is probably in his 60's, Middle Eastern, and his name is Alibaba, but he says I can call him "Ali."

Alrighty, Ali-boy, let's hear about this luck.

He goes on to tell me that his wife has a lucky mole on her breast/nipple/breast...he literally said those words (my face looked like this)...and that she has been so lucky in her life. Two beautiful kids, a great husband (as he refers to himself) and she has been able to be a homemaker, which was her desire. He says his grandmother was so lucky to have 17 kids; seven girls and ten boys. Yikes, you can imagine the look on my face thinking about having 17 kids.

Ali then says, "And Cindy Crawford, you know? She has that lucky mole on her face and look at all the luck it has brought her." He then noticed the mole on my face that is located close to where Cindy's is (you can't see it in any of these pictures because it is where my laugh lines are) and he, seriously I can't make this up, GASPS again and says, "OH MY GOD! You're going to be so, so lucky! OH MY GOD! Where else do you have lucky moles? Let me see!"

At this point I am milking it and just playing along with Ali's game and tell him that I am just an all around moley person and so I must be the luckiest person alive!

He tells me, "Never, ever erase the moles. You wait and see, you will be very, very lucky."

Well, Mr. Alibaba, in my short life here on earth, I'd say I've already hit the luck jackpot. I've got my health, my husband, and the best darn friends and family a girl could ask for. But I'll take all the luck I can get!

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Happy Monday! And may your moles bring you the best of luck today :)


  1. Ummm.... LOL! And why did I totally have a middle eastern accent going on in my head when reading the words he said??

  2. I have a mole in almost the exact same spot as you. I must be EXTREMELY lucky hahaha.