What I've been up to || Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 30, 2015

Not only do I have the best job in the world, but it does have some perks....like a week off for Thanksgiving! Believe me, any teacher you talk to, or know, will tell you that time off is COMPLETELY necessary. You try to put up with 20-30 kids all day everyday and tell me you don't need a break. That's what I thought. 

This was, by far, my most productive break ever. I think I got more done over the last nine days than I did all summer break.

Friday (the 20th) Chris and I left town and headed out for a weekend at my parents. We had a special delivery to make to my brother (you'll see what that delivery is later) and Chris wanted to hunt. My parents live so far out in the country that we literally have no cell service, so it is a true vacation. All we did was eat and relax. I didn't get out of my pj's that entire Saturday. It was amazing.

Sunday morning we headed back to Dallas. I hit the ground running and started cleaning and Chris continued to work on our bathroom update that I will reveal to y'all tomorrow!

Monday was my first official day of break and I spent it with my friend registering for our little guy! She had a baby boy last April, so our babies will be a year apart. She guided me through each section and was a registering angel! I am so happy we checked that off our list!

After registering I headed to Hobby Lobby to find all new ornaments for our tree. We have been going with a really colorful color scheme for Christmas and this year we wanted the traditional green, red, and white. I got tons of ornaments and other essentials (that what I told Chris) and then headed back home to round out the day decorating our tree.

Tuesday I met up with a friend and her precious little girl for brunch so we could talk about my shower! She is the cutest and her husband and I have been friends since my freshman year of college, and she was just dying to start planning. I am so thankful to have so many people willing to pitch in and help. Chris and I are already feeling the love for our little guy!

After we pigged out on waffles and breakfast sandwiches, I decided I should head to the gym. Chris has been suggesting I wear his fitbit and get 10,000 steps a day. On this day I knocked that goal out of the park. I've been trying to walk/run for 30 minutes about three times a week, and I try to do some weights. I've been having some sciatic/butt/close to my tailbone pain that I am not wanting to irritate, so my workouts are on a "how is my butt feeling?" basis.

There's nothing like a gym bathroom selfie. This was my proof to Chris that I went to the gym, and had to pee every five minutes.  

Wednesday Chris took off work and finished painting and assembling our new light in the guest bathroom. We went and priced out granite and looked at new appliances. It was a very productive day for the both of us! 

For dinner, we headed to Chris's parents and went out to eat with them and my SIL and her new hubby. They were in town from Kansas City, so we decided to spend the night with them. We played cards, ate too many cookies, and relaxed.

Thanksgiving morning Chris's family had signed up for a Turkey Trot, so they all headed out bright and early, while Chris and I did our own 5k around the neighborhood. My back/butt pain was really killing me towards the end, but there was no way to get back home except push through, so that's what I did! 

In the afternoon we headed to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We gorged on all the goodies and I didn't take my doctor's advice to graze and I ended up pretty full and miserable. 

To walk off some of my meal, the girls decided to hit up Old Navy's Black Friday sale where I scored the most adorable baby boy clothes. I couldn't resist!! This officially marked my first purchase for Baby Tucker!

Thanksgiving night my brother proposed to his girlfriend! They've been together since the 8th grade and we love Callie so, so much! They both were glowing and I can't wait to see the pictures from the hidden photographer! Most of the reason Chris and I had to go to my parent's the previous weekend was to deliver the ring my brother was having made up here in McKinney. I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two!

Friday I was supposed to go shopping with my cousins, but I really wanted to stay home and clean, organize, and get stuff done. Chris was having a guy's day, so I knew I could get a lot done without him here! Any other wives feel that way? The weather has been freezing and rainy which made my decision to stay home easier. Productive I was! I finished putting together the guest bathroom update, cleaned, posted things to craigslist, online Christmas shopped, and was active all day! I felt so accomplished by the end of the day!

Saturday we lounged around soaked in our final days of break. Our close family friend got married Saturday night, so we rested up for that!

I had the privilege of creating their wedding chalkboard. The mom sent me an inspiration picture and, although I was nervous at first, I am super proud of the final product!

Yesterday might have been the laziest day of my life. We literally only left the couch to go to Wing Stop. I knocked out some blog posts, browsed the internet, watched Christmas movies, and hung by the fire alllll day.

On our way to Wing Stop where it was 40 and raining and Chris is dressed like we are in Hawaii. 

My view all day. Seriously, all day. I was watching Botched for those of you who are curious about the tv show choice :)

And now it is Monday and I only have to survive until the 18th of December and then Christmas break is upon us!

I truly feel recharged and ready to see my cherubs again, but my and my pregnant belly are going to miss the all day grazing and sleeping in!

Happy Monday!

It Is Time To Shop!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

As you can tell I took the day off from my link-up. That was unintended, but putting life first has been so refreshing and I went to bed without a thought or worry about getting my link-up up. Feeelllss gooddd!

Today I've been napping and shopping online. Seriously. And going to Home Depot. It has been the best.

Before I sign off and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a few sales going on now!

Shopbop's huge sale is still going on! I snagged a Tory purse (not telling which one because I am pretending Santa is bringing it...) and am also eyeing a leather strap watch.

Gap - 50% off EVERYTHING!
code: EARLY

Old Navy - 40% off when you spend $100 or more OR 30% off entire purchase

These stores are my go-to places because you can knock everyone out at one stop!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Hostess with the Mostess || Plus Shopbop Coupon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This time of year there are parties galore! I hate being the one to show up without something, so I always try to keep a drawer in our spare bedroom stocked with hostess goodies for parties we attend. Nothing says "thanks for hosting!" like bringing a little goodie for the couple who probably prepped all day for everyone to enjoy their night out.

From top left:
style books
dessert plates
champagne flutes

And, for the best present of all:

Shopbop is spreading the holiday cheer! Use the code above to get discounts on all your favorites from clothes and shoes, to home decor and more! 

I'm out of school today, and my Shopbop list is already made and ready to checkout! I can't wait to show y'all what Santa is bringing me :)

Gifts for your guy || Under $50

Monday, November 23, 2015

Clockwise from top left:

football game

After a weekend at my parent's house, I am still in relaxation mode because I have off all week! I am 95% done with my Christmas shopping and I plan on finishing up this week. I also want to make some progress on baby boy's nursery.

Above are some items that are perfect for the guy who has everything...cough cough Chris Tucker. I am all about the practical gift this year. No one is getting something just to get something! We've got a baby to prepare for, people! I can't be spending my money on knick-knacks just to fill spots under the tree :)

Happy Monday! 

20 Weeks || Pregnancy Thoughts

Friday, November 20, 2015

Today I am 20 weeks! We got to see our little guy yesterday and everything looked great. He showed us his muscles and we got a peek at the goods. His legs are measuring extra long which definitely doesn't come from my side of the family!

Since I'm at the halfway mark I figured I'd better document something, since we all know I've been an A++ mom at documenting this pregnancy. (Sarcasm...)

At this point, I've taken two bathroom bump pictures, and the first one was at like 8 weeks (maybe?), so it doesn't even count. The second one was a couple weeks ago, so it gets categorized in the "before 20 week" picture basket.

My friend, who is expecting four days after us, was telling me about all these apps she has and how she looks at them everyday and this and that about what perks each app has. She asked me what app I was using and I couldn't even tell her the name because I hardly ever look at it (monkey emoji covering his eyes...). I honestly can't take the women on there that complain and/or worry about everythinggggg. Like, call your freaking doctor and stop asking a bunch of randos what that pain you're having is!

Here is my philosophy on becoming a parent: people way less equipped than Chris and I have brought kids in to the world (i.e. both sets of our parents were not in the spot we are at when they had us!), so we figure that we are already ahead of the game.

Here are some questions some people have had and some I am answering for my own record:

Have you registered? Nope. We do know what cars seat we are getting, so I'm pretty excited about that!

Have you started the nursery? We've painted...and that's about it.

Do you have a name? Nope. We still can't decide/agree.

Daycare? Ummm...no. Haven't even thought about it.

Will you go back to work? Let's see how next summer goes staying home with a newborn all day, everyday.

How is Chris? So, so excited. He talks to my belly and tells him "secrets" about what trouble they will one day get in to. It makes me cry. Having a little boy is seriously a dream come true. He was so excited that his boy was showing off his muscles and has long legs...built for an athlete.

Any symptoms? The round ligament pain comes and goes. I'm not really into eating a wide variety of things. Haven't really had cravings at all, but the aversions are in full force. Just give me cereal. No veggies, no meat. Toast and cereal. My doctor said I should take it easy on the Thanksgiving meal, but I'm convinced the scale was tipped by the fur coat I was wearing and my heavy riding boots...

Can you feel him move? Yes, yes, yes! And it is so, so weird!! Chris actually got to feel him the other night. The moment he felt him he pulled his hand back like it was getting burned. It was quite humorous.

Anything else? We mostly can't believe we are halfway done! And, if he comes early, we could have already hit the halfway mark, which is even crazier to think about! Every time I see a squishy little baby my heart swells thinking about how all my life I've wanted to be a mom and it is finally going to happen. I won't have to give the baby back or ask to hold him. He is all mine and I can't wait for that!

I get to get a sonogram at my next appointment because they weren't able to see a couple things, so I can't wait to see him again in four short weeks! I know with the holidays here, time will fly by!

Happy Friday!

WIWW: Tornado + Link Up

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Last night was a doozie, so today's post has nothing to do with fashion. We woke up at 4:00am to our town's tornado sirens going off. I always wondered if I would be able to hear the siren if I were in a dead sleep. The answer: yup!

I shot up and grabbed Chris and said, "That's the REAL siren!! Turn on the TV!" I'm not one to really freak out, but when we turned on the news they said a tornado watch was in effect and the path was STRAIGHT over our house.

Like the intelligent people are are, we went outside to see if we could "see" anything. Then we put on our shoes and sat on the bed waiting for them to confirm a tornado touched down. Thankfully that never happened, so we got back in bed around 4:30am and continued to watch the news. 

Around 4:40am a second tornado watch went into effect, so the siren started up again. This time the circulation was on the opposite side of the county, so we stayed snug in our bed and listened to the rain pound our windows.

Our alarm was set for 5:30am, so needless to say this has been a long day! I couldn't fall back asleep after we were in the clear and all I kept thinking about was how in a few short months, I'll have a permanent (and random!) alarm clock going off. I then began to think about all things baby and just as I was drifting off again, our alarm clock went off!

On the bright side: three days until Thanksgiving break!!

Chris insisted on getting the Christmas tree out last night. We aren't decorating it yet, but it sure does get me excited for the Christmas season!!

Happy Wednesday!

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The Most Beautiful Wedding

Monday, November 16, 2015

dress (non-maternity) // shoes // necklace
I love having friends with good taste. And, I love when those friends get married and I get to celebrate with them!

Saturday, one of my childhood friends from camp got married and her reception was at Arlington Hall in Dallas. The whole wedding was absolutely gorgeous! It was so fun catching up with friends I hadn't seen in years. Chris wasn't able to attend because he went out of town to visit his grandma.

One of the best parts of the wedding, in this preggo's opinion...

I was home by 8:00pm because the wedding started at 2:00pm! I texted this picture to my best friend because we were talking about our rowdy Saturday night. We are cray-zeee. 

This weekend was also complete with a pedicure, lots of Hallmark movies, and Christmas shopping. I am almost done Christmas shopping and it is the best feeling ever!

Exciting things coming this week: we get to see our little man on Thursday! This is the appointment where we get to confirm he is, in fact, a boy! I'll be 20 weeks on Friday...insert wide-eyed emoji here. Y'all, this bun is half-way cooked! Wowza!

Happy week before Thanksgiving!

WIWW: Christmas Card Outtakes + Link Up

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Sit! Sit! Bailey, sit!"
Potty break.
Inappropriate hand grab from the husband.
Child wrangling...I should be a pro by the time our boy is mobile!
"Mom, these pictures are such a bore..." - Wrigley
Welcome to our yearly Christmas card outtakes where some of the outtakes always make the Christmas card because #honesty. We love that our dogs act like themselves and I'm sure next year our card will be graced with the presence of a baby outtake as well. The honest pictures are the main thing Chris and I love about our cards each year! (2014 card here, 2013 card here)

Our friends took our pictures and, after seeing how (cough, cough) well behaved the dogs were being, the husband asked if we wanted a picture of just Chris and I. Nope. Haha! At least it wasn't as bad as this year's attempt!

As for my outfit, I've been wearing the heck out of these jeans and this top. So, so comfy. My aunt sent me a bunch of new clothes and I'm so excited to find a place to wear this dress! My legging collection is growing at a strong and steady pace. I really lucked out being pregnant during the winter months! I've already been wearing leggings and boots almost everyday. It's amazing.

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Things I Might Miss

Monday, November 9, 2015

Everyone tells you how your life will change drastically after you become a parent. Although we aren't parents to a human outside the womb yet, we are taking every measure to soak in the time it is just the two of us.

While I was cuddling Chris on the couch, he says, "I don't know if I'm ready for you to divide your attention between me and our baby..." and then Wrigley came up and I started loving on him and Chris added in, "and Wrigley isn't ready either."

I know life will be different, but it will be better. We both know it will be better.

After having these conversations with Chris, it got me thinking about the things I might miss after we welcome a human into the world. Now, I say might miss because you never know you miss something until it's gone, right? Or we might be able to do things we thought we wouldn't be able to handle with a little one.

Until then, we will keep cherishing this time it is just the two of us.

Thought vs. Reality || Pregnancy

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thought: I'd be buying baby clothes left and right.
Reality: The thought of shopping makes me cringe. The crowds, the crowds, did I mention the crowds?

Thought: I'd for sure suffer from morning sickness.
Reality: Only had minor nausea in the afternoons for three weeks.

Thought: I'd eat anything and everything I wanted.
Reality: Some of my old favorites are just not that appealing. Give me all the toast and cereal!

Thought: I would be living, breathing, sleeping baby.
Reality: Being a teacher has me so busy, most days I have to remind myself I'm pregnant.

Thought: I'd get way bigger, faster.
Reality: A growing belly takes time.

Thought: I wouldn't exercise or really want to.
Reality: That was true the first trimester, but so far I've proven myself wrong in the second trimester. The gym has been my friend lately.

Thought: We would have a name picked out.
Reality: The thought of what you will call your kid the rest of their life is more daunting than I imagined.

Thought: I'll probably read some books to figure things out.
Reality: When my head hits the pillow I am out.

Thought: Chris is going to be a nervous wreck until the baby comes.
Reality: He can't stop talking about our little guy.

Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks. Time is flying!

WIWW: Honesty + Link Up

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Guys, I'f I'm being honest, it took everything in me to sit down and write this post.

Lately, blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Do I have the time to blog? Absolutely! What I've been choosing to do instead is:

- go to the gym
- snuggle and watch movies with my husband
- go on random dates with my husband 
- watch tv
- nap
- hang out with my girlfriends
- clean
- relax
- read magazines
- play with our pups

The thought of taking pictures, editing pictures, putting together a blog post, getting sucked in to reading people's blogs (which I do love and still try to read!) makes me cringe. The time. THE TIME! Oh the time it takes to produce one blog post is just time that I am not willing to spend lately.

Am I quitting blogging? Absolutely not. But, please don't expect a post everyday. My husband, dogs, family, job, sleep, sanity, and life take precedence over checking in here and I'm just not willing to give up my reality tv time to blog. #sorry. Also, sorry if you've emailed me and I haven't responded. My email at school is more than I can handle right now, so coming home to answer more emails is like asking me to eat dirt. It just isn't going to happen right now!

I've also felt myself pull away from all forms of social media lately. My instagram posts have been few and far between. When I do get on instagram, I hardly ever scroll for more than a couple seconds, so if you didn't just post something, I probably don't see it. My Facebook is filled with terrible videos and posts from people I don't even care about, but don't care enough to delete them. And, my time to read blogs is nonexistent since I have tiny people entering my room at 7:30 every morning and I don't get a break until 3:00pm, and at that point I'm so fried I can't read anything.  

All around, I think I'm subconsciously preparing for my little guy that is going to take precedence here in the coming months. Not much is a priority lately other than my husband and my job. I've been great at declining invitations without feeling guilty and I've been great at doing nothing.

I will always try to post on Wednesdays, so you can expect me here at least once each week. Wednesdays are mostly for my family to see pictures of my growing belly, since sending out a mass text of my gut isn't an option. 

And, since I spent time actually logging on to the computer I figured I'd knock out two posts, so come back tomorrow for a fun post about the reality of how my pregnancy is going!

Now for a gut shot. You're welcome :)

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