Things I Might Miss

Monday, November 9, 2015

Everyone tells you how your life will change drastically after you become a parent. Although we aren't parents to a human outside the womb yet, we are taking every measure to soak in the time it is just the two of us.

While I was cuddling Chris on the couch, he says, "I don't know if I'm ready for you to divide your attention between me and our baby..." and then Wrigley came up and I started loving on him and Chris added in, "and Wrigley isn't ready either."

I know life will be different, but it will be better. We both know it will be better.

After having these conversations with Chris, it got me thinking about the things I might miss after we welcome a human into the world. Now, I say might miss because you never know you miss something until it's gone, right? Or we might be able to do things we thought we wouldn't be able to handle with a little one.

Until then, we will keep cherishing this time it is just the two of us.


  1. Some things you will miss but they will not be gone forever just may happen less often and the space that is filled up in your heart by that little babe will take care of any sadness over missing those things. :)

  2. Girrrrlll... The way I look at it... Kids are the BEST excuse to get out of stuff you don't want to do and never wanted to do.... So if someone asks for a favor... You can be all,"I would... But you know... The baby...." Look at the bright side

  3. Once you get into a routine you'll be back at the things you may miss in no time. I stress big time though that you find a few good babysitters to have date nights. I've seen so many of my friends not do that and they are separating and whatnot all BC they won't pay the money to someone. I know it'll be hard but you'll need that time too!