20 Weeks || Pregnancy Thoughts

Friday, November 20, 2015

Today I am 20 weeks! We got to see our little guy yesterday and everything looked great. He showed us his muscles and we got a peek at the goods. His legs are measuring extra long which definitely doesn't come from my side of the family!

Since I'm at the halfway mark I figured I'd better document something, since we all know I've been an A++ mom at documenting this pregnancy. (Sarcasm...)

At this point, I've taken two bathroom bump pictures, and the first one was at like 8 weeks (maybe?), so it doesn't even count. The second one was a couple weeks ago, so it gets categorized in the "before 20 week" picture basket.

My friend, who is expecting four days after us, was telling me about all these apps she has and how she looks at them everyday and this and that about what perks each app has. She asked me what app I was using and I couldn't even tell her the name because I hardly ever look at it (monkey emoji covering his eyes...). I honestly can't take the women on there that complain and/or worry about everythinggggg. Like, call your freaking doctor and stop asking a bunch of randos what that pain you're having is!

Here is my philosophy on becoming a parent: people way less equipped than Chris and I have brought kids in to the world (i.e. both sets of our parents were not in the spot we are at when they had us!), so we figure that we are already ahead of the game.

Here are some questions some people have had and some I am answering for my own record:

Have you registered? Nope. We do know what cars seat we are getting, so I'm pretty excited about that!

Have you started the nursery? We've painted...and that's about it.

Do you have a name? Nope. We still can't decide/agree.

Daycare? Ummm...no. Haven't even thought about it.

Will you go back to work? Let's see how next summer goes staying home with a newborn all day, everyday.

How is Chris? So, so excited. He talks to my belly and tells him "secrets" about what trouble they will one day get in to. It makes me cry. Having a little boy is seriously a dream come true. He was so excited that his boy was showing off his muscles and has long legs...built for an athlete.

Any symptoms? The round ligament pain comes and goes. I'm not really into eating a wide variety of things. Haven't really had cravings at all, but the aversions are in full force. Just give me cereal. No veggies, no meat. Toast and cereal. My doctor said I should take it easy on the Thanksgiving meal, but I'm convinced the scale was tipped by the fur coat I was wearing and my heavy riding boots...

Can you feel him move? Yes, yes, yes! And it is so, so weird!! Chris actually got to feel him the other night. The moment he felt him he pulled his hand back like it was getting burned. It was quite humorous.

Anything else? We mostly can't believe we are halfway done! And, if he comes early, we could have already hit the halfway mark, which is even crazier to think about! Every time I see a squishy little baby my heart swells thinking about how all my life I've wanted to be a mom and it is finally going to happen. I won't have to give the baby back or ask to hold him. He is all mine and I can't wait for that!

I get to get a sonogram at my next appointment because they weren't able to see a couple things, so I can't wait to see him again in four short weeks! I know with the holidays here, time will fly by!

Happy Friday!


  1. EEK! Yay- such an exciting time :) I'm like one week ahead of you and we have to go again to finish measurements from the 20 week appt! I love being able to see babe on the screen!

  2. Halfway there!! I can't wait til you decide on name. He's so lucky to have you Tucker's as his parents. :)

  3. Enjoy every bit of it! We didn't decide on a name until the second day after our son had been born and that was totally fine. Also, no worries about the nursery or the registry! You've still got plenty of time!

  4. I'm at 32 weeks, but still eating cereal like it's the only meal on earth.

  5. Congrats on being at least halfway there!! When I was pregnant I had to ignore the discussion boards too. I like the idea of a community, but some things I just wanted to be like you should probably talk to your doctor about your questions rather than the Internet!! They were much more interesting to read through after I had my son to see what experiences other moms were having at the stage we were in.

  6. Our friends didn't have a name until the hour before they left the hospital and now still they are unsure of the way they spelled it.

  7. I, in all seriousness, love the way you're so laid back about everything! Really! Having 3 now, it makes me laugh at how I over planned or was uptight about some decisions with our first and how unnecessary it was that I stressed over many things. But here you already have the mentality of a pro-mom...love it! That's adorable about Chris feeling him move for the first time. Y'all will be wonderful parents! Can't wait to see how handsome this little fella is. ☺️