A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Wife

Monday, June 30, 2014

That hottie made me a wife, and I thank him everyday for that!
Hashtag SAHW

Just kidding.

Now that school is out for summer, I am, what I like to call, a stay at home wife. SAHW for short.

This is the glamorous life I tell ya (enter sarcasm). Let me walk you though a day in the life as a stay at home wife. 

Last Friday:

6:45 in the a-m: 
One of the two Tucker fur-children loudly yawns while stretching around 6:45am. His name is Wrigley Tucker and he is the loudest waker-upper everrrr. Seriously. After trying to convince him to get more shut-eye, I end up having to get up and let him out. Bailey on the other hand, Miss Teenager dog herself, gives me the stink eye on the way to let Wrigley out.

I crawl back in bed and realize that the clock still has a 6 as the first number and I realize how 'adult' I am that sleeping-in has become 6:45am.

Chris texted me at 6:15am asking if I could bring something up to his work whenever I get a chance.

I check my instagram with one eye open (I have to let my eyes 'adjust', you know?). After instagram I read all my blogs on my bloglovin' app....well the ones that are published so far.

Yup, I have successfully laid in bed for an hour doing nothing but playing on my phone. I manage to turn on Good Morning America and let Bailey outside.

I brush my teeth, put my contacts in, throw my hair up in a pony, and get dressed into my workout clothes; aka - my SAHW uniform.

I grab a protein bar and eat it while watching GMA.

I feed the dogs then head to Chris's work to bring him some of his old boots that he wanted. 

Side note: Chris is such a kind person. One of his guys boots were falling apart and that is considered a safety hazard in Chris's plant that he manages (they work with molten copper, so steel toed boots are required). He asked the guy if he was getting new boots anytime soon and the guy said hopefully when he gets paid next. It broke Chris's heart so he had me bring up his old boots that he doesn't wear anymore so he could give them to the guy. Melted my heart!

Back to my exciting life...

I drop the boots in the back of Chris's truck and head to my workout class.

9:30 - 10:30am:
Workout class...lots of sweating and heavy breathing going on during this time.

10:35 - 11:00am:
Grocery shopping.  Yippee! My least favorite thing to do!

11:10 - 12:30pm:
I unload the groceries and make myself a protein shake.

I eat my protein shake while watching a combination of Food Network, DIY Network, and HGTV.

I strip our bed and put our sheets in the washer. 

I decide to mow the back yard. Like I said before, our new house is on a corner lot, so I help Chris with the yard work so his weekends aren't consumed by mowing, etc.

Before mowing I have to pick up dog poop. Yay!

I finish picking up the dog's terds and wheel the lawnmower to the back yard, push that button that you're supposed to push before you start it, and BAM, out of gas. No worries though, we've got plenty in the garage. Oh, wait, no we don't. Ugh.

Off to the gas station I go to fill up the gas cans. Remember how I said this was a glamorous job? You don't remember? I don't either. 

I get back with two full gas cans, fill up the mower, and away I go. After mowing I decided I hate the scraps of grass left in the backyard because the dogs get it all over their fur and track it inside, so genius here decides to rake, shovel, and bag all the grass scraps. The sun was obviously getting to my head because I was making poor decision after poor decision.

Finally, the job was done. Check! I sent Chris these pictures...

*a few spelling errors because of my sheer excitement that I was done! and excuse that my foot looks like a nasty grown man's foot!

2:00 - 3:00pm:
This hour consisted of showering and making myself lunch. Salad with deli meat and two bags of Goldfish were on the menu today. I'm addicted to Goldfish.

3:00 - 3:30pm:
Switched our sheets from the washer to the dryer and hung and folded the clothes that came out of the dryer.

3:30 - 5:00pm:
Dozed off on the couch while watching HGTV.

I thought we were going over to Chris's parent's house for dinner, so I got up and put a nicer t-shirt on and my unstained running shorts. I also made our bed and picked up our room.

I got a text from Chris saying his plant (he is an assistant plant manager...not like a plant that you grow, but a copper wire manufacturing plant haha!) had some major problems, so he wouldn't be home for quite awhile longer. Frozen pizza it is then.

5:04 - 7:30pm:
I eat my pizza, strawberries with Cool Whip, watch TV, clean up the kitchen, play with the dogs, and do other random things.

Chris finally gets home from a rough day at work and we decide not to make to hour trip to his parents. Instead we opt for Mooyah burgers.

The rest of the night:
After Mooyah we stopped and got a Redbox movie. Walter Mitty was the selection of the night. We got home, fed the dogs, got ready for bed, put the movie in, and within 10 minutes Chris was snoring. I watched the movie for about 30 minutes then decided it was time to call it a night.

Whew...typing all that out seems like a lot! After reading through it I realize how blessed I am to be able to have the summers off. But, for those of you who think teachers just lay around all summer and bask in the sun, you are mistaken friends, you are mistaken. 

Today I am going to start staining our kitchen cabinets, so another adventurous day as a SAHW continues!

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WIWW: B&W Printed Shorts + Link Up

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

* After multiple people asking about where they can get these shorts, I guess I will spill the beans. (I was actually just too tired to link them up the other night...)

You can find them here.
I also bought these and these.

These printed shorts have been my go-to lately. They have an elastic waste-band and are so comfortable!
This week I have been at a training in downtown Dallas and the days have been long to say the least. I leave the house at 6:15am and have walked in the door at 7:00pm the last two days. Today is our last day, thank goodness! I am ready to sleep in again!
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- Write about something fashion related :)

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Happy Wednesday! 

And thanks to all the lovelies who are linking up! This linkup is growing right before my eyes and I am so humbled that people even read this little space of mine!

Thank you for linking up!

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Don't be a Bully

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Y'all know my teacher instinct comes out when we talk about bullying. I won't tolerate it and throughout the school year I do everything in my power to stop it. You know what else can help me get the word out? Ummm, try taking a peek at this adorable tank and stunning bracelet!

Not only does Compassion Brands make beautiful jewelry, but they make jewelry for a cause. How can you not love a company like that? This topic is so near and dear to my heart because I see first hand how bullying can affect a person.

We have one rule in my classroom and that is to be kind and polite at all times. Basically every action you take can either be categorized as kind, unkind, polite, or not polite. I think that after wearing this shirt a couple times next year, my students will know Mrs. T's stance on being unkind to others.

Click here if you would like to get in on the anti-bullying action!

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*Compassion Brands did send me these products, but I wouldn't rant and rave about them if they didn't matter to me! Being a teacher is my passion and stopping bullying goes hand-in-hand with my profession!


House Update: Taking it outside!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday morning started off with a trip to the gym and then breakfast at our favorite restaurant, Spoon's. After scarfing down some Migas and coffee, we headed back to the house and decided it was a good time to relax before we tackled the front yard.

This is the Tucker family relaxing in the TV room. I got up to go to the restroom and came back to find Bailey-girl in my spot. Make room for mommy! Wrigley wasn't too happy that he couldn't fit on the couch with us.

"Dad, come on. Move over justtt a little while I whittle my tiny body up here..."

After our family rest time was over, it was outside for some yard work. I mowed while Chris' edged and did all the other stuff that is way harder than mowing.

One thing led to another and before I know it I was cleaning out our flowerbeds. Of course we hadn't planned on landscaping that day, so off to Home Depot we went. 

A truck full of soil, mulch, and flowers later and we have made some progress!



I planted more flowers on the other side of the garage, but forgot to take a picture!

For a full house tour, click here.

Happy Monday!

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Insta Friday

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday is here people, and I couldn't be more thrilled. We have nothing exciting planned, but I will be scouring through all these pictures just to pretend that we are still in San Francisco.

Come along on one more imaginary trip with me, if you'd like!

The houses and flowers on Lombard Street are unreal. I mean, c'mon here...Texas, you need to step up your game.
The Ferry Building became a daily spot for us. It just makes you feel so...San Franciscan. Is that even a word?

The tourists on the back of the ferry. Tucker tourists, party of two.
Just enjoying Napa. Take me back! Outfit details here.
Someone was taking a Nap(a) on the back of the ferry! (I just cracked myself up - lol!)
Oh, you know, just finally meeting a blogger bestie for the first time :)
Sunday's tribute to Father's Day. I sure love this Daddy of mine!
My view on my (one and only) morning run. How could you not be motivated to run when this is your scenery?
Dessert gelato. Not pictured: the appetizer gelato.
Pier 39 seal watching. "arr arrr arrr!" (my best seal sound impression...)
Nothing like bringing fresh boiled crab and clam chowder back to your apartment. YUM.
Biking the Golden Gate. Story on that coming real comically soon.
Our first night in town and it couldn't have been prettier. Outfit details here. 
The only thing I have noticed since being back in Texas is that it is 10 degrees hotter than it was when I left and I missed my pups like crazy. 

Happy Friday! 

I'll be dreaming of our vacation while unpacking our bags and doing the 30 loads of laundry that accompany you after a vacation!

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Napa Wine Tour

Thursday, June 19, 2014

When we first scheduled our trip to San Francisco I knew I wanted to go to Napa. Chris and I are not big drinkers, but I could't pass up a wine tour if we were going to be that close!
I did some research and decided that since we were staying in SF, and not Napa, that it would be best to take a small bus around Napa on a guided tour. Renting a car wasn't an option because we were not going to be the two drunk Texans trying to navigate our way around California. 
I went to trusty 'ol Google for some help and up popped Platypus Wine Tours. After looking at all our options (wine train, rent a car, other wine tour bus companies) I decided to book us on a Platypus Wine Tour.
We took the ferry from SF to Vallejo where our Platypus tour guide picked us up. From the moment Scott introduced himself to us, I knew it was going to be a great day!
There was a total of six of us on the shuttle bus. All of our personalities meshed well and we had a blast throughout the day! Not only does the tour guide drive you everywhere, but he also educated us on wine, grapes, and the whole entire process that goes in to making wine. 
Platypus likes to take their guests to the smaller, less populated and fancy wineries and that was something Chris and I really liked. 
Below are the four wineries we toured. They were all so unique and would visit each of them again in a heartbeat!
Hagafen Cellars
This was our first stop and I was already blown away by its welcoming vibe. Not to mention the sunny California sun and cool temperatures. Seriously, ya'll, how cute is this winery?!
At this winery we got to tour a the cellar room and our Platypus tour guide guided us through how the wine is made. It was so interesting learning about the process and now Chris and I feel like wine connoisseurs. Not!! 

Our second stop was not at an actual winery, but at the most quaint and adorable tasting room I have ever seen. It was all sorts of perfection. From the decades old farmhouse table we were sitting at to the Restoration Hardware decor, it was perfection. 

There was some food pairings to go along with our wine and that was probably a good thing because us lightweights were feeling it!

We actually got to meet one of the Hill family members (the son, Ryan) and he was so welcoming to our small group. Platypus has a great reputation with many of these wineries, so we were treated so well!

I should also note that Washington Street is like something out of a book, or movie. It is so perfect and precious that I honestly felt like I was dreaming. From the flowers to the feeling it gave you...ugh, precious!

Laird Family Estate was our third stop. We got to sit out on a patio and enjoy our tasting while looking out over the winery. It was gorgeous! It is always so interesting to hear how wineries came about and Laird's story did not disappoint. 

The last stop on our tour was at the Andretti Winery. Yes, as in Mario Andretti. When we drove up I felt like we were in another country. It was such a stunning winery and the people were so sweet to us. 

By this time we were a little tipsy. In Napa, when you spill your wine on your shirt, they call it the 'Napa Tie-Dye.' Chris was taking my picture when all of a sudden I hear, "Oh man. Honey, I got the Napa tie dye..."

We were dying laughing!!

Isn't he precious?!

All in all this was probably my most favorite day of the trip. Next time, we are planning a trip just to Napa. Not just for the delicious wine, but the atmosphere is something I have never been around and this quaint town now has a special place in my heart!

If you have any questions, or are planning a trip to Napa, I would be happy to try and help out!

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