WIWW: San Francisco Style + Link Up

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We're back! San Francisco was amazing and it was so great to getaway! I am so happy to be back with my puppies, but I am sad to leave such a fun city. I am also sad that Chris has to go back to work and I won't get to spend the whole day with him!

Later this week I will be doing some posts on what we did while exploring San Francisco. I will try to not make the vacation recaps last longer than this week, but I will be documenting our trip so we can remember it for years to come! Plus, I think I have some pretty helpful tips on navigating one of  America's most expensive cities to visit on a budget.

I wore this outfit to travel in last Wednesday. It was perfect for riding on a plane and I knew right when we got to California, I would want to explore. We got out of the cab, put our stuff in the hotel room, and off to Fisherman's Wharf we went!

It is crazy windy in San Francisco and gets pretty chilly at night. This maxi was great for keeping me warm enough and I felt comfortable walking around. 

I also can't brag enough on these Gap sandals I have been telling ya'll about. They are seriously the best. I wore them almost everyday and we walked miles and my feet never hurt once!

Some of the places we went and things we did were: Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, Napa Valley wine tour, Giants game, A's game, biked the Golden Gate, along with a slew of other things! I will be talking about some of the things we did and can try to answer any questions ya'll may have if SF is on your list of places to visit!

Now for the link up!
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Happy Wednesday! 

And thanks to all the lovelies who are linking up! This linkup is growing right before my eyes and I am so humbled that people even read this little space of mine!

Thank you for linking up!

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  1. Sarah, I am glad you and Chris enjoyed your Beautiful Trip. A few years ago (for work) I only spent about 6 hours in San Fran but didn't get to see it much at all. Looking forward to your recaps.

    You look beautiful in this outfit. A black Maxi Dress with a Denim Jacket is so cool and put-together. I adore the scarf and your favorite new sandals. Though I haven't had much time to comment, I have stopped by. As always a pleasure linking up. I miss you so welcome over to see my latest. Thanks and Happy Hump Day, Pretty Lady!!

    <3 Ada.

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  3. I really need a plain black maxi ... I don't have one.

  4. I have lived all over Ca, and San Fran is one of my favorite places. I stayed there for a week about two or so years ago. It ended up being a pretty crummy trip because both of my boys got really sick. I can't wait to go back, and actually avoid the doctors office. You look amazing in your pics. Thank you for hosting. Please stop by and see me, maybe at our Friday linky.

  5. I need to find a plain black maxi...they all seem to be made for amazon people...haha :) Short people problems.

  6. That scarf is so gorgeous! Love all the colors!


  7. Ok I might need some of those sandals they sound awesome! Love these beautiful photos, I miss San Francisco! I haven't been in way too long.


  8. SF is always freezing! I look a mess when I go up there but you look perfectly dressed and adorable :)

  9. Love that scarf! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  10. Perfect SF outfit, the scarf is so pretty! Hope you had a fun time exploring!

  11. Yay for making it to both A's and Giant's games! Isn't the Giant's stadium beautiful?!? Freezing, but so pretty :) Plus, I love how you tied the bottom of your skirt!

  12. I can't wait to hear all about your trip! I love traveling in something comfy that you can end up wearing all day. I don't know how people fly in jeans or girls in heals! They cray!

  13. Why do both of our blogs feature a tied up maxi on the same day? Cause were bloggy bests...that's why! hahaha perfect perfect outfit for San Fran...and now I want those sandals in black...cause I trust your judgment on how comfy they are and us flat footed peeps (and I mean me) need as much comfort as we can get ;)