10 things that make me feel old for my age

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am at the ripe age of 24. If you count back, that means I was born at the tippy top of the year 1990. (gasppppp!) I cannot help when my parent's made me, but lately I have come to the realization that people are shocked when I say I was born in '90. "You're just a baby!" "You've already got a master's degree?" "You've been married for two years?!" "I could be your mom/dad!"

My best friend was born in November of '89, but she never gets the audible, "WHAT?! '89?!" Let's just say it is easy for me to calculate my age.

With this realization lately, I have noticed that, at 24, I (along with Chris, who is 27) have been blessed to be able to do/accomplish things that I never thought would have been possible at the age I am at. 

Here are 10 things that I am still slightly in shock that I have done that make me feel way older than 24.

1. Owned two different houses. Owning one house at 22 blew my mind, now going through the process of selling and then buying again has blown my mind. So much for this little 'ol 24 year old.

2. Got my MBA at 23. First off I never knew I wanted a master's degree (that I don't use), but I definitely didn't ever think I would have one this young. I am extremely proud of myself for tearing through college in 3 years. And, I am extremely proud of myself for realizing that all that tearin' though meant nothing because eventually I would become a teacher.

3. Been married for two years. I always envisioned myself getting married young, but now looking back, 22 was young! Wow! What was my Dad thinking?! Oh, I know...'Chris, now she is on your bill, not mine!' These two years have been the best, yet most trying years of my life and I am lucky that I found the perfect match for me.

4. My career transitions still leave me shocked. I have worked for Southwest Airlines in their financial reporting department. I have worked for a public accounting firm in their tax department. And now I have completed my first year being a 5th grade teacher. Hey, 3rd job is a charm, right?!

5. Bought Chris his dream truck. We have been blessed in not having a car payment for most of our relationship which has allowed us to be able to get Chris the truck of his dreams. I am really proud of how we I manage our finances and I am also happy to say that Chris will drive this truck until he dies :) Okay, I'm kinda, sorta kidding, but mostly not...

6. Negotiated insurance. Seriously! So many of my friends don't pay their car insurance and don't own a house, so they have never had to deal with calling and comparing insurances. It is a lesson that I never thought I would learn before 24. Heck, I don't even think it ever crossed my mind as to when I would have to do these adult things.

7. We go to bed at 9:00pm and are up by 7:00am on the weekends. I never thought this would ever, ever, ever happen. I have never been a night person, but I would choose to go to bed early. Now, I have no choice because I can't keep my eyes open after 9:00pm and I can't sleep in hardly passed 7:00am.

8. Grocery shopping on Sundays with all the other wives/moms in the world. I never thought about the grocery shopping aspect of a family, but I hate it. And at 24 I am sad to say I am already burnt out on going to the grocery store. I can't send Chris because he comes home with everything but what was on the list. I am hoping now that school is out I can go on the weekdays when it is less crowded and I can put a happier face on. To all my friends who still live at home; jealous.

9. Successfully planned multiple out of state trips for Chris and I. Growing up you never think twice about where you will stay on a trip, who will pay for everything, and how you even get there. Now that I have reached adult status, I feel like I have accomplished the title are trip planner for the Tucker family. Chris, well he is not so much the planning type. I have planned every trip we have gone on, including our honeymoon to Kauai. Chris gets lost in Dallas for cryin' out loud...and he grew up here.

10. And lastly, I am still shocked that I am 24. I know that is young, but I feel like life is already so sweet. I have been blessed with a wonderful Mom, Dad, and brother. I have been privileged enough to meet and marry my soul mate. I have achieved so much educationally and in my careers. I have got to experience so much in just 24 years! I am so excited to see what the future holds because this '90's chick has already had one heck of a sweet life! 
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Number 7 is so true for us too!!


  2. It's very interesting how much life can change in just a few years! Buying life insurance when I was 28 made me feel really old, but it is very comforting to know that if anything happens to me or my husband, Nick, then we're covered. And that's another thing that makes me feel old! 10 years ago I was convinced I was immortal. These days, at almost 30, I panick at every little creaking or popping sound my body makes. Yay for adulthood! :-)

    NCsquared Life

  3. Wow you are young and now I feel really old! Good for you for achieving all this so young! Enjoy your blessings. <3

  4. Okay now I feel SUPER old! hahaha.
    For some reason I thought you were my age" maybe it's because you are mature...or maybe it's because I still feel like I'm 24???? Haha.
    On another note....9PM????? I don't go to bed until midnight every night and wake up at 7am...I don't even eat dinner until 9AM, so I guess I'm not THAT old! haha!

    xoxo :)

  5. I was born in 91 and often feel like a baby and an old lady all at the same time! Also was one of the first of my friends to get married at the age of 22 and 16 days!!

  6. I LOVE this! I think I may use this as a post idea...if ya don't mind...cause it's a pretty good one ;) So many wonderful things to be proud of my friend...imagine what you will be able to list at 34!

  7. God bless you girl! You sure have done a lot. It's funny, I'll be 25 in a few months and I feel like my adult life is just now beginning, starting professional school and living independent all at one time. It's a great reminder to me that things happen when the time is right, God def gives us the grace and provision to accomplish what we need to when we can handle it :-)

    Ele @ InspirationEle

  8. Wow girl! You have sure done a lot in your 24 years of life! Ha! I am going to be 26 I have to say being an adult is very strange! Haha! I love that you got married young and reached so many accomplishments! I'm in no rush to do any of that but I can relate to the bills, insurance and going to bed early! :)

  9. I am cracking up about number 7! I always laugh whenever I go to bed early and wake up early on the weekends! I always think...what happened to me?! haha but then I like having the entire day too..

  10. I got married young like you (at 21) and can relate to some of those things :) Obviously I'm older now, but stuff like insurance, paying off a car (when I still had friends that had never even made a car payment), stuff like that...and I'm definitely with you on the early to bed/early to rise ;) My husband is far more of a night owl but I just can't...hahah