Napa Wine Tour

Thursday, June 19, 2014

When we first scheduled our trip to San Francisco I knew I wanted to go to Napa. Chris and I are not big drinkers, but I could't pass up a wine tour if we were going to be that close!
I did some research and decided that since we were staying in SF, and not Napa, that it would be best to take a small bus around Napa on a guided tour. Renting a car wasn't an option because we were not going to be the two drunk Texans trying to navigate our way around California. 
I went to trusty 'ol Google for some help and up popped Platypus Wine Tours. After looking at all our options (wine train, rent a car, other wine tour bus companies) I decided to book us on a Platypus Wine Tour.
We took the ferry from SF to Vallejo where our Platypus tour guide picked us up. From the moment Scott introduced himself to us, I knew it was going to be a great day!
There was a total of six of us on the shuttle bus. All of our personalities meshed well and we had a blast throughout the day! Not only does the tour guide drive you everywhere, but he also educated us on wine, grapes, and the whole entire process that goes in to making wine. 
Platypus likes to take their guests to the smaller, less populated and fancy wineries and that was something Chris and I really liked. 
Below are the four wineries we toured. They were all so unique and would visit each of them again in a heartbeat!
Hagafen Cellars
This was our first stop and I was already blown away by its welcoming vibe. Not to mention the sunny California sun and cool temperatures. Seriously, ya'll, how cute is this winery?!
At this winery we got to tour a the cellar room and our Platypus tour guide guided us through how the wine is made. It was so interesting learning about the process and now Chris and I feel like wine connoisseurs. Not!! 

Our second stop was not at an actual winery, but at the most quaint and adorable tasting room I have ever seen. It was all sorts of perfection. From the decades old farmhouse table we were sitting at to the Restoration Hardware decor, it was perfection. 

There was some food pairings to go along with our wine and that was probably a good thing because us lightweights were feeling it!

We actually got to meet one of the Hill family members (the son, Ryan) and he was so welcoming to our small group. Platypus has a great reputation with many of these wineries, so we were treated so well!

I should also note that Washington Street is like something out of a book, or movie. It is so perfect and precious that I honestly felt like I was dreaming. From the flowers to the feeling it gave you...ugh, precious!

Laird Family Estate was our third stop. We got to sit out on a patio and enjoy our tasting while looking out over the winery. It was gorgeous! It is always so interesting to hear how wineries came about and Laird's story did not disappoint. 

The last stop on our tour was at the Andretti Winery. Yes, as in Mario Andretti. When we drove up I felt like we were in another country. It was such a stunning winery and the people were so sweet to us. 

By this time we were a little tipsy. In Napa, when you spill your wine on your shirt, they call it the 'Napa Tie-Dye.' Chris was taking my picture when all of a sudden I hear, "Oh man. Honey, I got the Napa tie dye..."

We were dying laughing!!

Isn't he precious?!

All in all this was probably my most favorite day of the trip. Next time, we are planning a trip just to Napa. Not just for the delicious wine, but the atmosphere is something I have never been around and this quaint town now has a special place in my heart!

If you have any questions, or are planning a trip to Napa, I would be happy to try and help out!

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  1. Napa has been on my list FOREVER of places I want to visit-- and I think it just skyrocketed to the top after this post! ;)

  2. Well this could not be more beautiful or adorable! Next time I'm going with you!

  3. Okay send me your trip itinerary NOW!! haha! So far your trip seems amazing and how beautiful is Napa?! I'm sure the pictures don't do it justice (they never really do) but it looks amazing! I need to get my butt there ASAP!

  4. We were talking about California last night and in my mind I was thinking Napa, but didn't mention it because we aren't huge wine people! Hmm. Your pictures are so beautiful ya got me rethinking ;)

  5. Hahahaha! Napa Tie Dye....and then..... he passed out. Ha! But put us Californians to shame that we still haven't been to Napa. But I saved the tour link and plan to change that this year.

  6. We were totally going to do san fran/napa this summer then Keith decided to plan all inclusive instead. I hope to get to Napa one day!

  7. oh, Napa. One of my favorite places! Glad you had such a great time (but then again, how could you not?)

  8. Ah, so envious. I want to go SO bad! We almost planned a trip at the end of last month but it didn't work out. I will get there, yes I will! Looks SO beautiful and like you two had a smashing time!

  9. what an awesome trip!! I am so jealous, i want to go!

  10. I just booked a tour with Platypus for when we go in a few weeks -- excited to read another good review about it!

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