Insta Friday

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday is here people, and I couldn't be more thrilled. We have nothing exciting planned, but I will be scouring through all these pictures just to pretend that we are still in San Francisco.

Come along on one more imaginary trip with me, if you'd like!

The houses and flowers on Lombard Street are unreal. I mean, c'mon here...Texas, you need to step up your game.
The Ferry Building became a daily spot for us. It just makes you feel so...San Franciscan. Is that even a word?

The tourists on the back of the ferry. Tucker tourists, party of two.
Just enjoying Napa. Take me back! Outfit details here.
Someone was taking a Nap(a) on the back of the ferry! (I just cracked myself up - lol!)
Oh, you know, just finally meeting a blogger bestie for the first time :)
Sunday's tribute to Father's Day. I sure love this Daddy of mine!
My view on my (one and only) morning run. How could you not be motivated to run when this is your scenery?
Dessert gelato. Not pictured: the appetizer gelato.
Pier 39 seal watching. "arr arrr arrr!" (my best seal sound impression...)
Nothing like bringing fresh boiled crab and clam chowder back to your apartment. YUM.
Biking the Golden Gate. Story on that coming real comically soon.
Our first night in town and it couldn't have been prettier. Outfit details here. 
The only thing I have noticed since being back in Texas is that it is 10 degrees hotter than it was when I left and I missed my pups like crazy. 

Happy Friday! 

I'll be dreaming of our vacation while unpacking our bags and doing the 30 loads of laundry that accompany you after a vacation!

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  1. Love your pictures!!! I hope to go some day.

  2. Aww that picture of you and your dad is precious! And I am dying over your pineapple tank--love :)


  3. Napa simply looks divine! I would love to travel with my boyfriend more. There's just so much beauty to see! :)


  4. Your trip looks incredible- loving the all the updates! Cheeky question, I love your sunglasses! Where did you find them?

  5. Hahahaha! Seeing the bike picture just makes me think of your story. Come back to Cali! Waaaahhhh!!!