Outfit: Napa Valley Wine Tour

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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After my test Tuesday I rushed over to Old Navy because I had some credit card points about to expire (and Lord knows this girl isn't going to let points expire!). I went in looking for an outfit to wear when we go wine tasting and I came out with an outfit that is totally me! Girly, yet comfortable and, of course, casual. I am smitten with this skirt and I know it will get great use thought the year. I also wanted a bigger cross body bag than the ones I have because I want to be able to carry my camera around. This white purse is so nice and the quality is much better than I ever imagined! 

Be ready for many outfit posts next week because how can I resist the beautiful backdrop of San Fran?!


  1. ahh i love this outfit so much!! its so simple but so cute! i mayyyy go to ON for the skirt + tank!

  2. Oh wow, this is perfect! A tank top, maxi skirt, sandals and KS earrings. Did I mention it's perfect???

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