DIY Shoe Rack

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I told y'all how my hubs surprised me with this shoe rack, remember? Although it was a complete surprise, I had been eyeing some DIY shoe racks on Pinterest....he just beat me to it! I won't lie, the thought of him laboring away instead of me was like hearing angels sing. Ahhhh (imagine me saying that in a soothing, relieving way).

He used all scrap wood that we had been storing in the garage. Free, just the way I like it!

Here were my inspirations:

The picture below pretty much details how he put this baby together. 

When it was all said and done, Chris informed me that he measured my heels to make sure that they would be able to fit on the middle rack in case I ran out of room on the top shelf. He is such a smarty pants!
I thought my shoes looked good when I first organized my closet. Ha! This is like adding a parking garage to an over-filled parking lot.
What do you think?! Did he do good? 
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  1. Love it! I'd be more than happy if he'd like to make me one also. Lol

  2. Love this!! I am in desperate need of some shoe racks!

  3. Those turned out awesome! I wish my husband would make me some! Cute shoes too btw!


  4. So sweet that he measured your heels even! What a stud. :)

  5. Time to put my hubby to work! Haha. Great tutorial. :)

  6. This is so cool! What did he use between the horizontal slats? Are those just more pieces of wood? I need a better way to organize my shoes. Thanks for hosting the link up!

    1. whoops-- I didn't realize that the link-up was on a separate post. my bad!

  7. Wow, super sweet of your husband to make that for you! That's the type of shoe rack I have, I love it cuz it doesn't take up a ton of floor space or use up a spot on the clothes rod.

    ~em @ small girl, big world

  8. WOW, look at you Sarah!! I seriously need to get my wood craft on! I have been wanting to make a headboard for our bed!! You did a great job!!


  9. What a great hubby you have! He did a great job!! It looks amazing! It fits a lot of shoes too! I need one of those! "Oh boyfriend..." Haha!

  10. That is so nice! He was clever to measure your heels ;)

  11. It looks wonderful!!! Way to go Chris! I am super impressed that he even thought to measure your heels! I need to pass this along to my husband! :)

  12. Extend the longevity of your shoes with these creative and awfully stylish storage ideas.

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