Weekend Wrap: I've been busy...

Monday, March 4, 2013

...literally go-go-go. When will it end? 

Sometimes I get sad thinking I am racing through this part of my life. Working tons of hours, then studying for class, and occasionally sleeping. My days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into more months. One giant blur. 

I never even had time to write my normal "Insta-Friday" post last week. I honestly don't have time to write this post either, but I might scream if I don't take a break from Excel spreadsheets and formulas. 

I am exhausted. I thought I knew what exhaustion was when I was a teenager and didn't get to sleep in until 10:00am on Saturday. That felt excruciating. I am averaging 5-6 hours of sleep each night, and when Friday hits...I can feel it. I am worthless on Fridays. 

In my mind I think, "Ohh, this weekend I am sleeping in and catching up on sleep and homework!" Wrong. Last weekend we had to travel out of town for a wedding. This weekend I went back to my hometown for my Grandpa's funeral. I left early Sunday morning and rushed back on Sunday to work all day. I squeezed in a 30 minute run to Target for some groceries and a DVR'd episode of Vanderpump Rules while scarfing the only edible food in our house: leftover pizza from Friday. Driving eight hours in 24 hours is tiring when you are running on Red Bull and Egg McMuffins. 

I supposed today was my Monday, since I worked all day, but I want to catch you up on my exciting life. So much has changed! Not. 

Sometimes interns give you cupcakes....and sometimes they become your instant favorite person ever. 
The partners of our firm came around and handed out goodie bags on Wednesday. By Friday, I was the paddle-board champion. Let's just say there was lots of paddle-boarding going on, and not so much tax return prep happening on Friday. Sorry I'm not sorry...for the sake of my sanity.

Chris never noticed the sprouting onion in our kitchen. It has been on the counter for weeks and he somehow overlooked the fact that out onion was sprouting. This is my "you're really not observant" look.
I can sacrifice a burger. The cookies are another story. Verdict: I still hate grilled chicken. Blah, gross.
This is my last ditch effort in convincing Chris I need, NEED, new tennis shoes. I Shouted, Oxy Cleaned, and Resolved these bad boys...and this is how they look. I think after three years, they are stained beyond repair. Might I also add the multiple holes and paper thin insole are not too comfy either. What do you think? Is this means for getting new tennis shoes?!
Can't ever pass up a photo-op in Austin. I saw this while driving to my parent's on Saturday. #keepaustinweird
This is the dirt road I grew up on. When I say I am from the country, I mean I am from the country
Me and Granddad at Grandpa John's funeral. I love getting to see him and have him there while we mourn my Mom's Dad. Granddad lost my Meme in August, so he was there to help comfort my Mimi Lou. I am blessed with such a supportive family.
Since I was in town I got to catch my brother's high school baseball team take home the championship trophy at a tournament. This game he went 3 for 3 with a stand-up double. What a stud ;) I only brag because I know he never would. He got the humble-gene in which I lack! Ha! Just kidding, kinda.
And this brings me to Sunday night (as I currently write this post). The exhaustion continues...
How was your weekend?!
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  1. Oh gosh, you have had a busy weekend and add work into that mix, yikes! Good luck getting through busy season, hopefully you get a good bonus come April 15th!

  2. Just stopped on by from the weekend linkup and became your newest follower! I love the picture of the dirt road you grew up on, so peaceful!

  3. Giiirl, I pray you get sleep soon, c'mon April!! That cupcake looks to die for though!

  4. What fun goodie bags. I have a girls night coming up, the weekend of St. Paddy's Day and I'm considering bringing goodie bags just to be festive!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday...and a new follower :)

  5. You sound SOOOO busy!! Hope you get caught up soon!

  6. Such a busy weekend but LOVE the sneakers. It took me leaving multiple articles regarding replacing running shoes, texts, getting his mom to mention them, and then even point out how bad his were before he finally gave in and replaced them. And you aren't the only one with a grilled chicken issue. :)


  7. Girl you better get some rest at some point! I completely agree that you need new shoes... a belated birthday gift maybe!? HAHA!

  8. oh my! i hope you can find some time to relax + sleep! running on empty is not fun :(
    your shoes made me laugh! i had that same conversation about my gyms shoes, apparently shoes only last 6 months!? yours are much sadder then mine but hopefully we can both get an upgrade...soon ;)

    just stopping by from Mingle Monday.
    have a good week!

    Lindsey @ tinyinklings.blogspot.ca

  9. i feel like i am always busy and the weekend just BLOWS by!!!
    but i would much rather be busy than bored :-)


  10. Even though it sounds like you had a fun weekend, it sounds like you just need a relzxing one! I hope you get one of those soon!

  11. lol thats an odd promotion truck.

    Mmm thin mints. I'm with ya... I can't quite them!