WIWW: I'm A Stripper + Link Party!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I stripped in this outfit. 

Now, before you go spreadin' rumors, remember how I almost died on Sunday?

Well this was the outfit I stripped in the backseat of the car, silly! You didn't really think I was a stripper, did you? Okay, don't answer that.

Anyways. This outfit was, sadly, short lived. I was so pumped to wear this top Kaylin sent me that I had planned this outfit all week. Plus it is the closest thing to green I have in my closet, so it was perfect for St. Patty's day.

Needless to say, at the end of this photoshoot (can I call it that? even though I am not a model and Chris is not a profesh photog?) I started to feel...funny. 

Picture above:
Chris - "Why do you always look down at your shoes? Why do you always put your hand on your hip?"
Sarah, angry Sarah - "Just take the picture!!" - Yes, that is me yelling...
Disclaimer: The fist was not used to harm anyone, or anything during this photo shoot. 

Two second later, below:

I think this is when my tingly lips and numb face started to set in. Darn flaxseed, runining my WIWW pics. 
How dare you!

Above: This was my last resort, I-hope-I-got-one-good-shot-because-I'm-not-feeling-too-hot, picture.

After I (lazily) edited this picture I realized I might be getting comments about my hair. Those of you who have asked for a tutorial, I promise when tax season is over, a tutorial will be done!! Pinky promise, with an ice cream date to follow. No promise can be broken over ice cream, right?

A cute neon shirt and leopard scarf ruined by me trying to be healthy.

I am still sticking with my original thought as to what I was allergic to:
Going into Nordstrom and walking out empty handed thanks to my 2013 resolution. I'm basically allergic to not financially supporting Nordy's. Tragic. Although, I won't be eating flaxseed anytime either...just in case that happened to be the real culprit :)  

And now moving onto chapter two of the world's most boring story; my random Wednesday thoughts:

- I am so annoyed that I preview a post and it looks perfect, publish it or make one minor change, and all my paragraphs get smashed together. Does that happen to anyone else? #techchallenged

- I still need a haircut, bad

- My Mom is just the sweetest person alive. She always has the most positive attitude. I just adore her.

- I am really ready for baseball season

- Chris gets to go to Chicago on Sunday and I am seriously jealous

Now who is ready to party??????
Invite your friends, tweet about it (although I suck at Twitter, just a warning!), blog about it.
It is the party of the century Wednesday's!
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  1. I do wanna see a tutorial on your hair!
    I'm sorry you had such a rough weekend. But at least now you know, you know?
    This is very cute outfit, you should wear it again without the allergic reaction!
    Coming from get your pretty on!

  2. Hey girl...LOVE your shirt, your hair, your everythang :)
    Thanks for sharing your life!!!
    Sending love :)

  3. Soooooo I haven't done any outfits on my blog in the near 5 years I've been blogging, so I linked up one of my favorites from Drew! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU! :)

    PS - Can I steal your hair in these pics? PERFECT.

  4. Your comment blurbs made me laugh in the images! I feel that way 'just take the picture'! hahaha

    Today's Post: Ella Lane Giveaway

  5. You are fashion blogger and comedian at the same time...you have serious talent!!! :) Your captions cracked me up....and I am ready for that ice cream date!! ;)

  6. Newest follower and first time linking up over here! I just noticed we both used Aubrey to design our blogs! Yay for instant bond :)


  7. Love your outfit, that's so sweet that Kailyn sent you that top!! Yes, I wanna see a tutorial on your hair, I love it!!

  8. Oh, you poor thing! Glad it wasn't more serious but I did laugh pretty heartily. Sorry. You looked cute anyway, I guess that's all that matters. :)

  9. I can tell you had fun with your hubby. My husband and I go through the exact same scenarios, lol! I love the outfit. Anything leopard is my idea of cute!


  10. Well, you look great for feeling weird! haha.. I still can't believe you went an ENTIRE shopping trip! The shirt looks great on you and hello, leopard? Love!

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