Do you ever wonder?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I daydream errrday. You can catch me staring into space, with my mouth wide open and glazed eyes multiple times a day.

Do you ever wonder?

Here are some things I always wonder about.

I wonder: Since I was born in Los Angeles, what would I be like if I had never moved to Texas? Would I have tried to be famous? Would I still be doing gymnastics? Where would I have gone to college? Wow, how different I would be.

I wonder: If I didn't choose to go to UT Tyler, would I have ever met Chris? I know he is the love of my life. I love him more than I ever knew was possible. But what if we never crossed paths? It just baffles me how God knows my plan and I just need to leave it up to him.

I wonder: What it would be like to be a twin. Most days me, and everyone around me, can only handle one Sarah, so I am sure there was some strategic planning on The Big Man's part to ensure I was not duplicated.  Darn-it.

I wonder: What would it be like to never have to worry about money. To walk into a store and anything you wanted was yours. To be able give to anyone and everyone who needed help. Ahhh that would be the BEST feeling in the world. 

I wonder: What it would be like to be famous. I am 99.9% sure I would want the money (is that greedy?), but in no way, shape, or form would I want to be stalked at my house, getting groceries, picking my nose, or eating. Gross. No thank you. If I had to pick a celebrity I would try to be like, if I were famous, it would probably be someone like Blake Lively. She seems pretty private, hardly ever in the tabloids, and pretty content with her life.

I wonder: What it is going to be like to be a Mom. What are my kids going to look like? How amazing of a Dad is Chris going to be? How excited will our parents be?! No, we are not expecting, but I smile SO big just thinking about this topic. 

I wonder: If I could start college over, what major I would pick? I can give you one hint: it wouldn't be accounting :) I think I would have picked journalism, or communications. I am almost certain I was not meant to sit behind a desk all day. Not that I hate my job, because I actually really enjoy where I work and the people I work with, but do I think this is my dream job? No.

I wonder: Where this little blog will take me? Who will I meet? What doors will it open, and what connections will be made? Will I stop blogging, ever? I think about this all the darn time. I was wondering about this right when I decided to right what I wonder about!!

What do you wonder about? Have you ever been to Wonder World? I have, and to this day, I still wonder why I went ;)

Happy Thursday!



  1. I wonder so many of these things too. I'm glad I'm not famous and I would hate to be a celebrity. Although just because I'm sure it isn't great to get a camera shoved in your face doesn't mean that I won't stop reading tabloids lol. I was a communication major in college and I'm happy with my choice. It was so general that I'm able to apply it to lots of different career paths.

  2. I'm with you on so many of these. Honestly though, Derek and I always say that we would have still met, even if we hadn't gone to college together since we're soul-mates. Cheesy? Totally, but it's fun to dream. :) Kids are AMAZING... you need to jump on that bandwagon!

  3. These are all so great! I day dream too! Think about where I would be now if things hadn't of worked out the way they have... I know things would be SO different in my life! But, I LOVE dreaming about the future! It's so fun to think of all the places you want to go & things you want to do! Now just have to make it a reality! :)

  4. I wonder about many of these same things, too! I'm a big daydreamer!

  5. I "day dose" constantly! And always wonder...guess that makes us..."Wonder-full" ... oh yes..yes I just did. ;)

  6. I totally wonder on this stuff. Too bad I don't have a crystal ball, but then again it's good to roll with life! :-)