Weekend Wrap: Is she desperate?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Okay Bachelor fans, look who it is. I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker this weekend and look who popped up! Leslie from this season of the Bachelor! Can we say des-per-ate to find a husband, yet looking in all the wrong places?! Geezzz gurl, go hangout at Church, the gym, or the park and you'll have better luck than being on the two most unsuccessful shows for finding your soul-mate. It's only a matter of time before she pops up on Burning Love or the next installment of Flava-Flavvvv.

Can my readers and blog friends be more kind? Seriously  It was like Christmas morning when this package from Rachel arrived on my doorstep. Y'all are makinh my resolution so easy with all these hand-me-downs y'all keep sending my way. I seriously can't thank you enough!

Saturday was filled with working alllll day, and doing laundry, so Sunday called for a nap! I went into work for a couple hours, worked out, did my homework, but my Sunday afternoon I could hardly walk I was so tired. Nothing like an afternoon cat nap from 5-7. It was just what I needed!

When I woke up from my nap Chris decided we should make a trip to Braum's for a little ice cream date. We love our Braum's dates! This double scoop Sunday with hot fudge and nuts hit the spot. And yes, this was my dinner for anyone wondering. No judging. 

I have to add that I wore my PJ's and robe to Braum's and in the drive through line Chris looked over at me and said, "Wow, babe. You fit right in.We might as well make a trip to Wal-Mart since you dressed the part." Ha! I started dying laughing. Luckily I didn't have to get out of the car at any point during our outing, so don't rush on over to peopleofwalmart.com and expect to see my mug gracing its pages. 

How was your weekend?!

Our cleaning lady comes today and I am so stinkin' thrilled to come home to a fresh, clean house. OH and I can't forget to mention the BACHELOR FINALE. I already know who wins...because I am that impatient person, but it is still going to be the "most dramatic season finale ever!" Can't wait!

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  1. I watched a little Miliionaire Matchmaker this weekend too. Patti cracks me up! You have amazing readers, those clothes and baubles look great!! So proud of you for making it almost through 1/4 of the year! You can totally do this! That nap and sundae look wonderful! I'm not feeling to peppy this morning! Wishing I could have had a little nap too! Enjoy your Monday!

  2. Braums!!! We don't have one anywhere near us and I miss it from when we took trips down to Oklahoma while living in Kansas City!

  3. I can't believe Leslie was on MM!! She is definitely looking for love in all the wrong places! So sweet of your other readers to send you clothes! I would send you some but, mine are all old & worn out! HAHA!

  4. Wow she really is desparate! I mean, come on, have some self respect! and eating ice cream sunday, the nuts have protein, so I think you're good to call it dinner :) Love afternoon naps, especially when you wake up feeling so much better and ready to tackle the rest of the day...or in your case sundae :)

  5. Someone sent you those gorgeous clothes? Wow, you really do have awesome readers! LOL it's too bad that that girl keeps going on those shows, and still hasn't had any luck. Hopefully she clues in soon that TV may not be the best way to find a lasting relationship!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  6. Okay, it's not even 11am and I want ice cream! YUM! Stopping by from YOLO!

  7. I can't believe she's on MM!!! Oh my gosh! I'd be way too embarrassed to do TWO different shows. I really like the look of your bed comforter! :)

  8. found you through the link up and love your blog!!! I cant believe she was on Millionare Matchmaker!! ahhh, i'm gonna have to watch that :)
    P.S. I have a giveaway on my blog right now...(and 3 more in the next few weeks!) Hope you'll check it out and enter!

  9. So glad you got some rest and that ice cream looks amazing!! No shame in wearing your jammies, I would have done the same thing!

  10. That ice cream looks delish! I'm glad you got to rest some! I hope this week is a good one!

  11. Haha I didn't even remember her until I saw your IG pic. Lol she does need to head to a church instead!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  12. She's on Millionaire Matchmaker too?! Poor girl! And I don't blame you for wearing your pj's. When my husband wants to go pick up dinner at a drive thru place I make him promise me that I won't have to get out of the car so I can wear my pj's, haha!

  13. Such fun goodies....that's why we blog right?? To feel love, share our stories, and grow as people. You deserve the love

    and yeah girlfriend is desperate and/or trying to be an actress.

  14. Crazy that she is on another dating show! Your ice cream looks so yummy!


  15. How sweet to get those hand-me-downs. Super thoughtful...and that bed looks so relaxing! I took a nap on Sunday too..but it turned into 3 hours. Then I couldn't sleep during the night. Whoops! I blame daylight savings time...

  16. Soo sweet of Rachel to send you all that!! And ice cream is an obvious necessity. Glad you at least had much needed relaxation time on Sunday. :)

  17. OMG you saw her too?! I thought it was a mirage lol aww poor girl definitely looking in the wrong places

  18. Oh my gosh, that sundae is making my mouth water!

    I'd love for you to join our Blog Hop going on now: http://www.mythriftychic.com/2013/03/outfit-post-and-anything-everything.html

    xoxo Tori