Insta-Friday: Wifecation on no sleep.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Did I mention that I have been on wifecation since Saturday?! Chris has been traveling for "work." All I have heard about is fancy meals, lounging at the Riverwalk, sleeping alone in a king sized bed, and working out at 10:00am. Sounds like work, right? That's strange because when I work, I actually work. There is something wrong with this picture, ha!

Red Bull got me through the week. At one point I was pretty sure I might have a mental breakdown, cry, and passout at the same time. I did shed a tear at work on Monday. Tax returns are emotional people. One little comment combined with lack of sleep, and no husband to vent to...Monday was tough.

I had just started my Organizational Development exam at this time. I knew I was delierious when I couldn't remember what to look up right after reading the question. I didn't pass with flying colors, but I passed. Whew.

This is the result of a late night. I got in bed around 2:40am, but my mind would NOT shut off. So annoying. I know it sounds corny, but I couldn't stop doing tax returns in my head! Ahhhhh! 

My dinner all week consisted of a turkey sandwich, Pringles, and two Samoa Girl Scout cookies. Y'all would be SO proud of me. I could have easily gotten fast food every night, and not that a hunk of processed meat in between two slices of preservative filled bread is much better, but at least it wasn't fried. When Chris is out of town I never cook. Cereal or a sandwich equals dinner. Berry Kix anyone? 

I got tagged by Andrea on IG (@sarahtuckerup) to post a picture of me and the hubs along with five facts. My facts were: 1) We both played college sports, 2) Snow skiing is our favorite thing to do, 3) Our favorite food is Italian, 4) Neither one of us can stay up late, we feel like old people, and 5) We have to come home to clean sheets after a vacation.

Kalin is the freakin' best. She is the second bloggy-friend of mine (Maddie was the first!) to send me clothes! Since I can't buy clothes in 2013, my blog-friends have been SO supportive and send me things they don't want!! Ummm, yes please! I can't wait to wear this neon blouse form LOFT. Love. 

How was your week?! Got any fun plans for the weekend?

Chris came home from vacation his conference with a list of "fancy" clothes he needs to buy in order to continue to look professional at these conferences his attends. His boss said he should spend about $1,200 on his new wardrobe. I died. Not literally, but mentally. So much for me not shopping this year! Chris just blew my normal shopping budget out of the water!!

Other than spending a mortgage payment on suits and ties, I will be working. Jealous huh? We also plan to squeeze in a date night and take the dogs to the groomer. They reek....

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. My fiance has dinner with his kids once a week and he has to leave before i get off work because they live kinda far. It's cereal night for me and i love it!
    That shirt is cute!

  2. My husband travels a lot for work, too. He talks about how looong his day was, when all I can think about is the fresh sheets (washed by someone else), room service, and late wake up calls. After a long day, then wrangling a kiddo to bed, that sounds a little less like work and a little more like perfection to me. I've had similar breakdowns. Chin up...April 15 will be here before you know it! :)

  3. $1200!?!? Are they giving him a clothing allowance!? LOL! I guess there's a reason you're not buying clothes this year! My fiance is home & we had a sandwich & cereal night this week. I was craving it for some weird reason! HAHA! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  4. It's tough to stay motivated around the house when my husband is traveling. I am usually not good about cooking or cleaning when he's gone. I always feel guilty because he's the opposite way when I travel for work. When I get back from a trip, he's always been really productive and he's cleaned the house! Oh well. Something to aspire to for me.
    You must be exhausted. Hope the rest of tax season goes quickly for you and that you have big plans to celebrate when it's over!

  5. Awww.. I loved the 5 things about you and your husband. So sweet.

  6. your week sounds like mine when my husband is out of town too, i never cook cereal or sandwiches all the way, or i go out to chick fil-a, yum! i hope the end of tax season comes very very soon for you and your sanity and your sleep

  7. 1) Yes to Berry Kix and regular Kix!!! 2) I have that yellow bubble necklace! 3)Samoas are the best girl scout cookies! Are there any other ones?? I think no... 4) I really want that loft shirt!!! 5) I hope you have a great weekend...get some rest!

    XO Samantha

  8. I think I would ask the boss for $1200 for new wardrobe! GEEZ!!!
    Also my husband travels so I totally feel you on the cereal for dinner. But sometimes I do that when he is home so I can't say much. I just love cereal ;)