WIWW...or lack thereof + Link Party!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

See? This is what I want. Relaxation. 
Because I have no outfit pictures to share, and I am really craving spring break summer, I will just bombard you with really random summer pictures. They have nothing to do with nothing other than I am ready to be less stressed, and on a beach! 
I need to find these abs, ASAP
80 hour work weeks consumed by everyone's tax return but mine, plus grad school, equates to no proper WIWW post. I sawwrryyy :(
I didn't even have time to post yesterday (not that anyone on planet Earth noticed...) thanks to my priorities being aligned properly. See below. 
Bachelor > Work > Blogging
Unfortunately blogging got the shaft on that one, and while most people my age seem to be a beached whale on some tropical island for spring break, I am a beached whale at a desk lacking vitamin D. 
This is how we feel about me working 15 hour days...
I never really got a spring break because of softball, but at least I wasn't working. Blah. Real world problems.
I am hoping to squeeze in a couple more posts by the end of the week, but no promises. My major deadline is the March 15th deadline, so this week is crunch time!
If tax-season-crunch-time were as serious as I am in this picture, I would be living the dream. Don't you mock your towel animals on a cruise? It's totally normal.
A couple random things I would like to mention.
- I haven't really wanted anything since my resolution, but I know, come summer, I will be wanting new wedges. Ugh! I have seen the cutest ones lately and I am secretly hoping some show up on my doorstep. I wear a 7.5 if anyone is wondering....
- I have been working out really hard lately. I am definitely starting to see results. In Chris's words, "You just have a slight film over your abs, but you're almost there!" Ummm, thanks?! Ha! Gosh I love an honest man.
- I want to get another manicure, but I'm too lazy to go.
- I need a haircut, badly.
- This weekend is supposed to be in the 80's and I plan on being out in it. At least for the walk from my car to my office. 
- I am really happy that Sean picked Catherine. She seems pretty genuine, and so does he (his real life friends have told me that...Amber...). But can I just say that those dresses ABC made Catherine and Lindsay wear were, ummmm, I really don't want to be mean, but awful?! Please tell me if you disagree, but when did shimmery prom dresses come back in style? Catherine definitely got the better of the two, but she has bangin' style, so I don't know why she had to wear that piece!
- I want a new phone case with my monogram on it. Does anyone have one? Where did you get it?
We are slightly normal, sometimes.
I am allowed to act weird on my honeymoon.
"Honey, I'm dancing for you!"  - "Babe, let's stick to your day job..."
And now for the usual :)
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  1. I love reading your posts! They are so real and honest :) Keep up the good work at the gym and with your work! You can do it ;)

  2. I'm glad he found a girl for him. I kinda wanted Sean to pick Lindsay, since I'm a Missouri girl but I just hope that he does last with the one he picked :)

  3. Ah, your pics are making me crave summer. But I have an even larger "film" over my abs! LOL! That's awesome. And it had better get to 80 today or I want a spring break week do-over.

    Loved these pictures, your personality shines through in each and every one.

  4. oh, sooooo glad he picked catherine. loved her from episode 2 although if it doesnt work out i am fully prepared to hate her-because i love him. is that mean? sad it's over, what will i do with my monday nights now???

  5. Your posts always make me laugh. Also I want a mani/pedi....let's go...Gosh sometimes I wish we were RL friends and not BF (blog friends)....Happy day :)

  6. OMG..those abs are adorable! Where did you get them?! Your rockin bod reminds me I need to actually use my gym membership! Haha. You and Chris would be a blast to vacation with..or just to hang out with altogether :)

  7. I am definitely headed over to check out Alisa's blog! That is my sisters name, and I don`t think I have ever met anyone else with her exact name before!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  8. Oooh now I really want to go to the beach!
    I love that the Bachelor ranked higher than work! :)
    Hope things calm down soon... you're almost there!!!

  9. Seriously? Those abs? You are one hot cookie!

  10. Be cuter in that fedora and aviators! Love ittt!

    And Ill take those abs too! Hot mama!!

  11. 1. I am craving a vacation, too. I need a beach and ocean water in my near future!
    2. Can you please tell me how you got those abs? Please!
    3. I love wedges, too. I'm craving some for Spring!
    4. You reminded me to make a hair appointment which I did. Thank you!
    5. One day, I have to link up for this!

  12. I got my monogrammed case w/ my new initials and the state of texas with a heart over my home town from : http://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioCicada.
    I got it in about a week. They have some really cute stuff.

    Eddie and I just got back from a cruise. Awesome. When did yall go?

    1. We went in June of 2010. It was so fun! Thanks for that link!

  13. It looks like so much fun!! I agree about the Bachelor those dresses were really bad! They looked extremely heavy and very New Year's Eve/ Prom style! Haha!