Insta(less) Friday

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wednesday's post made it obvious that working 30 hour days leads to no time for blogging. Whomp whomp.
I always look forward to Insta-Fridays, but this week is yet another disappointment. Other than my normal outfit insta's that I post  (@sarahtuckerup) on Tuesdays, I took this one picture:

The ONLY reason (for those of you thinking I am some beef-cake snapping pics of my bod in the gym mirrors...) I snapped this pic was because my pretty friend Amber tagged me in a "What I'm Doing Now" tag-a-thon thingy on Instagram. Yes, I pass the time on the bike by checking Facebook, IG, and Twitter. Don't you?
Since I am boring you to death with my supa-exciting life, I will continue and share with you my High-Five's for Friday. I don't blame you if you stop reading now. Just promise you come back on Monday, okay?
1. Today is the March 15th tax deadline for corporate tax returns. (Imagine me doing a happy dance...something along the lines of attempting to do the work, mixed with the sprinkler...). Being in public accounting sometimes stinks, but on deadline days, we know how to par-tayyyy. Company happy hour starts at 5:00pm (maybe earlier if we get our shizzz done!) and we know how to party. Woo hoo!
2. Texas is scheduled for some major sunshine this weekend. I am 99.9% sure The Lone Star State won't go all Lohan on us and flip a switch, so I am planning on being in the sun as much as possible. Fresh, warm air always deserves a high-five!
3. On Saturday Chris and I will have been married for nine months. Wow, time absolutely flies. Nine months? Wasn't it yesterday? We giggled by saying, "If we got pregnant on our honeymoon, we would be welcoming a baby..." We laughed out loud, cheers-ed our wine, and drank up. Ha! We are soooo enjoying it just being us for right now.
4. I've been eating so good this week. Salad almost everyday for lunch, and if you know me, you know I never eat salad as a meal. What am I, a rabbit? Last night I splurged on a kid's meal at Wendy's. Much deserved.
5. I am trying to plan some sort of vacation as a graduation present to me. Any recommendations? I definitely want to go to a beach...bring on the sand, salt, and sun!
Happy Friday friends!!!

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  1. Happy Friday! Have fun at happy hour today - it's a very well deserved happy hour for you!

  2. I wish there was a way to check my social media as I run on the treadmill, but alas, I just can't do it. (too much wiggling). Congrats on 9 months!! You'll be to 9 years before you know it. :) Now can I request a Wrigley and Bailey post full of pictures of their sweet little faces?!

  3. i honestly LOVE dominican republic...i've been there two times already and want to go back!! Majestic Elegance.

  4. Happy 9 months!!! Woo Hoo for eating healthy all week! You deserved the Wendy's! :) I am SO excited about the weather this weekend too! I will be out in it as much as possible!!! Have a good one!

  5. I know you're glad it's the 15th. I have some friends who are accountants, too, and they're happy!

    Do you bike a lot? I went through this phase in high school where my dad and I biked like 7 miles a day, but I haven't ridden my bike in forever. It'd probably be good for me to do that again and mix it up with my running.

    Happy 9 months!

  6. Go to Mexico- the Mayan Riviera is sooo beautiful!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  7. Always love your updates! We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon-- loved it.

  8. Happy Friday! Enjoy your happy hour and the warm weather! The high here is 90 degrees today. EXCITING!!

  9. How funny! We have been married 9 months today! Thank goodness there's no baby here yet either! :)