WIWW: eShakti + Link Party = Perfection

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gotta give my Dad props. He was the only one home and I reallyyyyy needed pictures of me in this shirt. 

Why in this shirt, you ask?

eShakti was so kind and allowed me to pick any item from their amazing site to review. I had never heard of them before, but when I got to their site it was like entering an online heaven. Their clothes is exactly my style and I instantly wanted everything, ever-y-thing. 

Because of my resolution I had to think long and hard about this. What item would benefit me throughout the year? What item is a classic piece that will last me a long time?

I hit the nail on the head. Seriously. Whenever you get something free you set you expectation low, honestly.
When I took this blouse out of the box I was blown away. The quality of materials used is out of this world. Amazing. Perfection. It has a zipper on the side (under the armpit) which, to me, qualifies this as a "luxury" blouse. Did I just make up the phrase "luxury" blouse? I think I did. The blouse is lined and the sequins don't look as though they will fall off any moment.

eShakti is like a diamond in the rough, and I am so happy I found the bling!

Their website offers regular sizing, as well as customization for women size 0 through 36. You can customize anything, anything, through their easy 3-step design and fit page. 

I ordered this shirt in a small, but got to customize the length based on my height. I like my blouses a bit below my hip bones in order to elongate the torso God forgot to give me. 

If you have been around this blog for awhile now you know I am about as honest as they come. People, this shirt is seriously one of my top two faves...and we all know I have a lot of clothes. Even though I can't buy close this year (my resolution is good so good!), you can bet your bottom-dollar that January 2014 eShakti revenue will be coming from the Tucker bank account. (Chris if you are reading this, I am totally kidding. I would leave a little money in there for food...and utilities).

Here is the exciting part:

Now until March 20th eShakti is offering Tucker Up readers 20% off when they shop at eShakti.com!! Enter the code TUCKERUP at checkout.

I looked on their site yesterday and I want 99.9% of what they offer. So, what are you waiting on, gogogogogogo!

By the way, these pant are from LOFT, heels from TJ Maxx, and I wore this outfit to my precious Grandpa John's funeral. I know he was lookin' down thinkin' his granddaughter looked beautiful.

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  1. I love that top! I'm anxiously waiting for my eShakti dress to get here!

  2. Great top! I just got a dress from eShakti that I'm totally loving.
    And kudos to your dad for helping you out with your photo shoot! :)

  3. Karma came around from you not shopping...you got something gorg for FREE! Holla! Love the top you picked! And the fact that your DAD took these pics melted my heart!!!

  4. I loveeeee this shirt!!! And love your dad's comment. I laughed out loud at work about this, haha!

  5. Super cute! What a great choice, girlie!!

  6. Cute top!! You've now forced me to their website... thanks a lot! :)

  7. LOL at that convo with you and your dad! Love, love this top. eShakti is AMAZING!

  8. Adorbs! Your cuteness convinced me...Going to their website now! :)

  9. That shirt is lovely! I'm a big fan of eShakti, too.

  10. I've reallly been impressed by the quality of eShakti products! You look great in that blouse!

  11. cute top! I love that your dad took the photo :)

  12. That top is adorable! And I find it so funny that your dad took the photo. If it were my dad, I would have just gotten the 'Are you kidding me?' look!

    The Girly Gamer