Tuesday Tune Up: Double Trouble

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No, I don't have an evil twin; just an evil job that caused me to not be able to have time to post my tune up last week.
Lucky for you (or maybe not?) I will be sharing with you double the outfits! 
Keep in mind I have yet to repeat a top/shirt/blouse this year. Crazy, I know, since we are halfway through March! Now can y'all see why I needed to do this resolution so badly?!

Blouse: Forever 21// Skinnies: Banana Republic// Flats: Target

Blouse: Vintage Cottage//Cardi: Anthro (given to me by a lovely reader, Rachel!)//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Wedges: TJ Maxx

Sweater: hand-me-down from my friend Amelia!//Tank: Nordstrom//Skinnies: Marshall's//Grey Toms, ballin'

Blouse: Target//Skinnies: Target//Flats: you guessed it, Target

Blouse: from my awesome MIL. Francesca's//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Flats: Target

Necklace: shoplately.com//Sweater: from Rachel, again!//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Boots: Nordstrom

Blouse: TJ Maxx//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Boots: Steve Madden

Blouse: from Kaylin!//Scarf: Flea market find//Skinnies: Banana...//Flats: ALDO

Blouse: from Rachel!//Skinnies: Banana...//Flats: ALDO

Blouse: Francesca's//Jeans: Marshall's//Boots: Nordstrom

As you can tell I love Banana Republic jeans and skinnies, I have awesome blog friends who send me their "left-overs" that they don't want, and Texas weather is whack since some days I can wear flats and be fine, while other days I am bundled up and wearing boots. Geeezzzz.

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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  1. oooooo.... love love love that red necklace!

  2. You have such great style! I can't believe you haven't worn the same thing twice yet! And I agree, this weather is getting obnoxious, freezing in the morning, hot in the afternoon...how are you supposed to dress for that?!


  3. LOVE the first and second blouses!

  4. Love all of them, and the shirt!!! You rocked it girl!!! Anyways my favorite story/the one I have meaning to share for a while is about my boyfriend. He looked at your Tuesday Tune up post (he sometimes reads over my shoulder when I am catch up on my favey blogs) and he goes, "What does she do take a picture of her boobs every day?" I said, "No they out outfits...she shows us, aren't they cute. Oh and shes not shopping for a year." His response, "Why don't you try that." My response....a fit of laughter. Love you girl.

  5. Love that last top from Francesca's!

  6. All of these outfits are great! :)