Tuesday Tune Up: Double Trouble

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No, I don't have an evil twin; just an evil job that caused me to not be able to have time to post my tune up last week.
Lucky for you (or maybe not?) I will be sharing with you double the outfits! 
Keep in mind I have yet to repeat a top/shirt/blouse this year. Crazy, I know, since we are halfway through March! Now can y'all see why I needed to do this resolution so badly?!

Blouse: Forever 21// Skinnies: Banana Republic// Flats: Target

Blouse: Vintage Cottage//Cardi: Anthro (given to me by a lovely reader, Rachel!)//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Wedges: TJ Maxx

Sweater: hand-me-down from my friend Amelia!//Tank: Nordstrom//Skinnies: Marshall's//Grey Toms, ballin'

Blouse: Target//Skinnies: Target//Flats: you guessed it, Target

Blouse: from my awesome MIL. Francesca's//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Flats: Target

Necklace: shoplately.com//Sweater: from Rachel, again!//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Boots: Nordstrom

Blouse: TJ Maxx//Skinnies: Banana Republic//Boots: Steve Madden

Blouse: from Kaylin!//Scarf: Flea market find//Skinnies: Banana...//Flats: ALDO

Blouse: from Rachel!//Skinnies: Banana...//Flats: ALDO

Blouse: Francesca's//Jeans: Marshall's//Boots: Nordstrom

As you can tell I love Banana Republic jeans and skinnies, I have awesome blog friends who send me their "left-overs" that they don't want, and Texas weather is whack since some days I can wear flats and be fine, while other days I am bundled up and wearing boots. Geeezzzz.

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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  1. oooooo.... love love love that red necklace!

  2. You have such great style! I can't believe you haven't worn the same thing twice yet! And I agree, this weather is getting obnoxious, freezing in the morning, hot in the afternoon...how are you supposed to dress for that?!


  3. LOVE the first and second blouses!

  4. I am stunned that you have yet to repeat an outfit! Anytime you want to donate clothes you can just ship them shirts to my house ;)
    I love all of the animal print and that last blouse is adorable! Love it!

  5. Love all of them, and the shirt!!! You rocked it girl!!! Anyways my favorite story/the one I have meaning to share for a while is about my boyfriend. He looked at your Tuesday Tune up post (he sometimes reads over my shoulder when I am catch up on my favey blogs) and he goes, "What does she do take a picture of her boobs every day?" I said, "No they out outfits...she shows us, aren't they cute. Oh and shes not shopping for a year." His response, "Why don't you try that." My response....a fit of laughter. Love you girl.

  6. Love that last top from Francesca's!

  7. All of these outfits are great! :)