Randomness that you want to hear...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Any picture with my Dad melts me...or causes sever eye squintage.
...just kidding. 

Was it mean that I lured you in and I have nothing important to say?

Okay, since I need a break from excel spreadsheet and corporate state tax returns (did that make me sound smart? I sure hope so...I need the ego boost...) I figured I would tell you some random things and catch you up on my little life.

Work, eat, sleep, forget to do your homework assignment, repeat. 

Seriously though, I forgot to do a homework assignment and my a-type-personality-who-never-misses-an-assignment just straight up forgot. Luckily, being a Daddy's girl, I've got some major skillzzz in the subject of persuasion.

Bada-bing, bada-boom, assignment submitted, no late penalty. Holla.

Moving on now, here are some pictures that might (but probably won't) interest you. 

Eggs and bacon for breakfast last week. Lazy Easy wife dinner.

Breakfast Friday morning...

...lunch Friday afternoon....and I will spare you the obnoxiously large plate of spaghetti and pizza I consumed for dinner. 

Saturday morning Bible sesh with the brown dog. Oh wait, he just wanted the food. And yes, that is my husband's carb loaded plate. Oh to have a great metabolism....

A hidden message on the nanner I left for my husband...I never asked if he saw it...hmmm.

Well deserved margs with a bestie from work. Sunday Funday, if you will...Sunday turned Funday.

Okay, now my fifteen minute smoke break is up. No I don't smoke, but if I did I would get a break, right? From here on out it is my fifteen minute blog break. Ha! 



  1. Any random post that is mostly food...is my favorite post. Thank goodness for 15 minute smoke breaks!

  2. Love Wrigley's face just BEGGING for a bite! :)

  3. damn thats a lot of crescent rolls!!! :D