Monday, April 20, 2015

DIY || Vintage Ironing Board

Hello! I haven't posted since last Wednesday because school has been so crazy lately. I've been getting home around 7:00pm and by the time I shower and eat, the last thing I want to do is blog. But, I finally took the time to sit down and spill the beans about some of my favorite DIY projects lately and what we were up to this weekend.

Friday night we had an impromptu game night with our friends. They ordered pizza and we stayed up until 11:00pm (rebels!) playing cards. It is such a blessing to be developing friendships with other couples that we know are going to be lifelong friends!

Saturday I slept in (because I stayed up way too late...being a rebel, ha!) and then it was DIY projects and yard work all day. I cleaned and did laundry and then worked on some things in the garage. We had a date night to McAllister's and didn't even bother to change out of our work clothes. 

Sunday we went to church then continued with the housework and projects.

One project I am so excited to share with y'all is this vintage ironing board. I've been wanting one for so long and found the perfect one over Easter weekend when I was visiting my family in the hill country. And the best was only $15.

I wanted it to look a little more distressed, so we scuffed it up with the sander.

A family friend gave us this 'Home Sweet Home' sign back in February. It was red, but I wanted it to be more neutral, so I painted it a light grey and then scuffed it up with sandpaper. 

There was never any intention to put the sign and the ironing board together, but I think it turned out better than Chris or I were expecting! We absolutely love it! 

While down at my parent's I also got this wooden piece that Chris attached a glass vase and some flowers to. He wanted to hang "man stuff" on it (fishing lures), but I told him I would just get him one when we went back to the flea market. Boys.

We are slowly turning this house into a home. Chris is becoming more receptive to my shabby-chic decor and each time we DIY something he ends up loving it and wanting more vintage pieces.

Next up on the project list: decorating the 2nd guest bedroom! We got paint samples and I'm not sold on any of the colors, so this project may take awhile.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIWW: Hi-Neck + Link Up

Last week I had some credit card points burning a hole in my account and I decided to head to Old Navy. I've been eyeing these sandals for a couple weeks and they were selling out everywhere, so I wanted to get them while they lasted! (They are still available online here!)

While making my rounds through Old Navy (does anyone else make several rounds before deciding you're done shopping and ready to try on?) I saw this high-neck striped top for $10. Yes, $10.

Right when I got home I scurried in the house and told Chris I might have bought a couple things while I was out and about, but they didn't cost me anything because of our points. When I came out in this top he said, "Wow, babe! Cautie, patootie!" I'll take it that he forgot that I just walked in with a bag of clothes :)

My other purchases included: this top, this tank, this vest, this bra, this bra, and a couple of these workout tanks.

I think I am all stocked up on tops for the spring and into summer. I now need it to stop raining, so I can put my new cute tops to good use!

Now for the link up!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post.

- Write about something fashion related!

- Instagram @SarahTuckerUp for more outfits and randoms!

Thanks for linking up and to see other WIWW posts, click here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life Lately

Yesterday was Chris's 28th birthday! We had friends over Sunday night and celebrated with cake and pizza. He got a new weed-eater this weekend and I put him to work in the yard. I'm so happy he was born!

This time of year in the teaching world is nuts. State testing is upon us and everyone is feeling the stress. On top of that, one of my beloved co-teachers is leaving next year (so sad!) and so I have been having to stay late for interviews. I am go-go-go from 7:30-2:45 (with a 15 minute break for lunch) then start interviews at 3:00. Exhausted would be the word I would use to describe how I feel.

But, no complaining because many vacations are ahead and I feel like this:

Heck yes.

The teacher in me came out last week when I was pulling weeds. I pulled this one up and the whole seed came up with it. My kids were in awe. It was a great visual for them!

I got this wood piece at Wimberley Market Days Easter weekend. The saying just captured me. 

This week are are doing four science rotations each day in order to prepare for our science STAAR test. Yesterday the kids got to make their own lemonade as we learned about solutions! They LOVED it. At the end of each class's rotation, I tasted three recipes and picked my favorite. It was one of my favorite activities to date.

Happy Tuesday!
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