Friday, October 24, 2014

The Scarf Bandwagon

I did it. I ordered the scarf. The one that is all over Pinterest, blogland, and basically every woman in America. Ain't no shame in my copy-cattin' game.

This is not the exact scarf I ordered, because mine is coming from Target, but they are literally the same scarf. Target seems to be out of stock everywhere and this Nordstrom Rack one is only a couple dollars more, so if you're dying for one of these like I was, you better hop on it. 

I plan on wearing mine with a navy and white striped shirt, jeans, and riding boots because originality is my middle name. 

Happy weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"It looks like a butt!"

Teachers aren't perfect. If you're sending your child to school thinking that their teacher is a saint, you've thought wrong. Do we always have what's best in mind for your child? Yes! But do we mess up occasionally? Yes, yes we do!

Case in point:

Last week I was going over some visual representations of some science vocabulary words with my kids. I had shown them beakers, which represent volume, and a triple beam balance, which represents mass, etc. when it was time to show them the visual representation for the vocabulary word molecule.

There I go projecting what I saw as a molecule. That was until it was blown up on my projector. And there it was, a giant butt, right there on my white board, projected as big as could be. I instantly died inside and thought, "Hopefully none of my kids have a mind like mine and they see a molecule..." They started shouting, "H2O!! H2O!" and then the room got silent.

I slowly started to rotate the picture as I am explaining to my kids what this picture could represent when all of a sudden one of my cherubs yells out, "It looks like a butt!!"

We died laughing. All of us. Tear forming, gut wrenching belly laughs. I was mortified, but, honestly, it was just what I needed at 1:55pm. It was classic and definitely a moment I will never forget. The genuine laughter coming from those 10 year old bellies made me realize that these silly cherubs get to be mine for an entire school year and with that comes silly moments like this.

Now I'll let you be the judge; butt, or molecule :)

Thoughts for Thursday

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIWW: Me + Link Up

If I were an outfit, this could be me. Mostly neutral, with a pop of color. Nothing too flashy. Glasses on, dirty hair, curled to look nice. Oh, and a diaper bag used to hoard everything and anything.

I feel like I am pretty neutral and low key. I have zero drama in my life, which is so nice. But, there is that occasional pop of color. I have a hard time holding back my thoughts, but I always make sure I can back up my point. My color wouldn't be hot pink, or anything out there like that. Just something with enough color to not blend in with the crowd.

If there were an outfit for my mood this week it would probably be a devil costume, or something along those lines. This diet is making me not be in the best mood ever, but luckily my students are being total gems this week (side-eye) and my husband hasn't commented once on how cranky I am (double side-eye). 

I'm getting healthier here, people. Deal with it! At least the pups still love me :)

shoes - my most favorite shoes, ever!

Don't forget Gap's 75% off sale!!

Now for the link up!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post.

- Write about something fashion related!

Thanks for linking up and to see other WIWW posts, click here.

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