Thursday, November 20, 2014

10 Signs You Married Your Best Friend

1. You can do everything in front of that person and not feel one ounce of embarrassment.

2. When something happens, big or small, they are the first person you think to call.

3. You have so many inside jokes that you can basically speak in code. Chris and I have a lot of acronyms that we use on a daily basis and it is quite amusing getting looks from our family like, "What in the heck are they talking about?!"

4. You can fight and make up because you can't hold a grudge against your best friend, duh.

5. Laughter is constant, and almost to the point of tears, over absolutely nothing.

6. When you think about having a great day, that person is always included in your plans. Unless that great day is at the spa. In that case, Chris would probably drive me nuts :)

7. For most occasions you try to surprise them in any way you can.

8. You get giddy when they're happy.

9. You feel mostly partially responsible for their successes.

10. You pray for them constantly. There isn't a night that goes by that I don't pray for Chris and our relationship. His happiness is my happiness, so even on my worst days, if he is happy, I'm cheesy as that sounds. If he is in a bad mood, well, then we're screwed hah!

How do you know you married your best friend?!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIWW: Olive Green Vest & Blanket Scarf + Link Up

Does this post even need words? I mean come on...this scarf, this vest. Does it get any more "this is my winter go-to look" than this? This vest does come with a removable fur hood, but I thought that was a little much for church. 

Speaking of church...we were standing there worshiping on Sunday when all of a sudden the teenage boy in front of us collapsed. I instantly starting shoving my sister-in-law towards the scene (she is an RN) being that she deals with this kind of stuff on a daily basis. This teacher, on the other hand, was relieved to know the boy just got too hot and had most likely locked his knees and fainted. Whew! I will admit that it was extremely hot. Texans think that, because it is 20 outside, we need to make it 80 inside. Wrong

Anyways, back to the scarf and vest. I already ordered two more of these scarves for Christmas presents and I have another vest on order for my SIL (she already knows, so I'm not ruining the surprise). These Old Navy vests (like the one I posted about yesterday!) are just too good to pass up.

Lastly, can we talk about this turtleneck? I wore the same one in burgundy yesterday, and I'm sure the striped one I bought will be making an appearance soon. These are THE BEST and most comfortable long-sleeved shirts I have ever worn. They are stretchy and so soft. I have worn all of them twice and I've only had them for eight days. And here is another secret....they didn't have my size in the burgundy and striped, so I ended up getting a large because I wanted them so bad. So, I have one small and two larges and I love how all of them fit. I am most likely going to order the red striped one here pretty soon. They're amazing. The grey is a small and the burgundy from yesterday's post is a large. You can slightly tell the size difference, but it doesn't matter to me! 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I was so, so wrong.

The perfect puffer has never been on my want list. I get hot easily and I never saw the use for one. I always thought, "Why don't you just wear a jacket?"

Oh, Sarah, how naive you are. 

As I was Christmas shopping for others a couple weekends ago, I quickly realized the shopping had become more for me than anyone else. Oops, don't ya hate when that happens? Oh well!

J. Crew had a vest similar (as in pretty much exactly) to this one that was the rage last year, but I never joined in on the fun. 

This year, I was pa-rousing Old Navy when I spotted the perfect puffer. It actually keeps me warm, but does not make me start sweating. It was under $30. And, it is soft and basically goes with everything I own. 

You, or a woman in your life (Christmas gift for mom, sister, aunt!), should join in on the puffer fun as well. Get the puffers while they're hot!

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