Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An A-Door-ing Install

Anyone who has been around this blog for a hot second knows that Wrigley and Bailey are our world. We are currently child-less adults whose lives revolve around two mutts, literally. In Chris's words, "We're DINKS, dude." (Double Income, No Kids)

Wrigley loves basking in the sun and would stay outside all day if we let him (he barks...and we don't want to be the annoying neighbors), but Bailey would rather never have to go outside. She doesn't like getting her feet dirty and hates being hot.

That leads me to my point of needing a doggy door. Wrigley will "talk" to you until you let him out. You let him out and all he does is lay by the back door waiting for Bailey to come out. Then you have to get up and let Bailey out, only to see her by the door five minutes later because she is too hot.

To end this never ending cycle of inside-outside, we decided to get a doggy door.

Saturday we headed to a local surplus store where we bought a new door. Then we headed to Home Depot to buy the biggest doggy door they had. Several hundred dollars later we were back home to install our new door and doggy door and be done with the 1st world problem of having to let your dogs out.

That all was until we realized the door did not match up with our existing door. The only way for it to work was to rip out the entire door frame. After watching a few YouTube videos, we quickly realized we weren't willing to go to that length to get the dogs a door, so we decided to head back to Home Depot to see if they had any other options.

While browsing the door aisle I spotted this storm door with an extra large doggy door already installed. We were sold. We loaded it up, went home, and installed it until dark Saturday night. 

Sunday we went to church then returned everything we had bought the previous day. Although it is not the prettiest door you've ever seen, it has already proven to be the best investment yet. The dogs have had a doggy door before, so it didn't take them long to catch on. It is so nice to wake up and just let them come in and out as they please. We keep them inside all day, then when we get home, we open it up and they can go in and out. Wrigley has almost worn the door out in the four days we've had it!

I am loving not having to get up and let them in and out and they are loving the freedom of going about as they please!

To entice them at first, we bribed them with these Orijen dog treats from Chewy.com. Of course they wanted to go in and out knowing they were going to get a treat! At least the treats are good for them!

Be sure to check out yesterday's post where I showed you our updated front door! Last weekend was all about doors in the Tucker house!

Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY || Painted Front Door

Ever since we moved in to our house last March I have hated our front door. It looked so dingy and the color was somewhere between primer and off-white.

We went to look at doors on Saturday (more on that tomorrow) and didn't see anything worth spending a thousand dollars on, so we opted to just paint it for now. I really want a front door with windows to let in some natural light, but I really want counter-tops more :)

The weather was perfect here in Dallas and I was able to have the door open all day allowing me to paint without having to worry about the house being too hot or too cold. 

Because of our HOA, we are limited on the colors our front door can be, but I love black doors, so that's what we went with. The exact color is Black Suede by Behr. 

I bought exterior paint with a primer, so all I did was lightly sand and clean the door before applying the first coat. I used a brush around whateveryoucallthoserectanglethings and then rolled over the brush strokes with a foam roller. It took three coats and we are in love with the results! 




This was our most productive weekend all year and a lot of what we did involved the doors in our house! I can't wait to show you our next project tomorrow!

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Amazon sells cute clothes?!

1. Did you know Amazon sold clothes? As in CUTE clothes? I was perusing the site the other day and right there on the front page was this adorable dress. After clicking through, I think I've found several Easter dress contenders, as well as wedding season contenders. This one is not too bold, but not too boring. This one just screams me, me, me! And this one is super fun! The reviews are good and with free returns, what's the loss?!

2. Seriously, buy this polish. You can thank me later.

3. Throwing the baseball with Chris is our new nightly ritual. The weather here in Dallas has been so nice lately that we can't help but be outside!

4. Married at First Sight. Let's just talk about this show. Dang U-Verse and it's free shows! Back on a random snow day when I was forced to stay inside, I started scrolling through the free shows and decided to check this one out. Now, I'm hooked! Even Chris is into it now. Out of the three couples that met at the alter, two are still married a year later!

5. All this spring stuff. I want, want, want.

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