Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Baby Tucker is a....

If you choose to watch the videos, you HAVE to watch both or you won't know what Baby Tucker is (unless you scroll down, but watching the videos is worth it!)!! Chris is the ultimate trickster and will never be in charge of the gender reveal again!

We got the email containing the gender Thursday night. Ever since the time I surprised Chris with being pregnant we agreed he could surprise me with the gender. I held out looking at the email all day Friday until he surprised me after dinner that night. Talk about self control!

And I apologize in advance for my bossiness and high pitched voice. I sound like a twelve year old boy.

We are so, so excited to have a baby boy! Everyone we have told so far is not surprised since Chris and I seem like boy parents. One person even said, "Did we really expect her to have anything different?" Truth. Gimme all the baby boys!! One day I hope to have a girl, but man I have a soft spot for little men!

From here on out I will try to limit the amount of baby posts, but there are no guarantees! 

PS: No, we don't have a name yet, but we will be telling people once we decide on one!

Monday, October 5, 2015

How I Told Chris I was Pregnant + Big News!

As a wife I always wondered how I'd tell Chris that we were expecting a baby. He insisted that if I thought I was pregnant, I should wait until he was there to take the pregnancy test with me. I don't follow rules, so that obviously didn't happen.

It was August 4th and, as I told y'all Friday, I had gone to the grocery store and picked up a pregnancy test. I got home and tried to resist taking it, but Chris wasn't getting home from work for hours and there was no way that I could wait that long, so I decided to take it.

From the moment it showed two pink lines I started thinking of how to tell Chris. I was so giddy with excitement I could hardly hold the secret in until he got home.

Here's the thing: Chris gets reallyyyyy dirty at his work. He works with copper, so there are always metal flakes in his clothes, so he strips down to his boxers in the laundry room everyday before coming into the house. I knew I would want his reaction on video, so I had to think of a way to capture his reaction before he got inside. I mean I'm fine showing him off in his boxers, but I'm not sure he feels the same way...

Our garage door has chalkboard paint on it, so I decided to write "Welcome home Daddy!" on the door for him to see as he walked in. I decided to set my camera up on the hood of my car, but out of his view as he walks through the garage.

He always calls me on his way home and I think I asked him where he was 20 times just so I'd know when to go put the camera on the hood of the car.

Needless to say it worked out perfectly! He didn't notice the pregnancy test until he got right up to the door. We usually have some welcome message on that door all the time, so it didn't look different enough to draw his attention to it, but I taped the pregnancy test right next to the door handle because I had a feeling he might look passed it all.

I love how you can hear him saying, "No way! NO WAY!" He just kept saying that over and over. It was precious!

And BIG NEWS! Come back tomorrow to find out if Baby Tucker is a boy or a girl!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pregnancy || The Day We Found Out

Warning: this post contains period talk (Dad!) and girl stuff. Read at your own risk.

March of 2015 was my last month on birth control, but Chris and I had no intention of trying until the summer.

I had been on bc (short for birth control, Dad) for ten years, so I wasn't sure how my body would respond. I got on the pill at 15 because I was alswaysssss tired and my cramps were nearly unbearable. Fast forward to my first period off of bc and wowza....all those symptoms I hadn't experienced for a decade were back in full force. Holy ouch, cramps!

I also didn't realize that pregnancy symptoms and coming off bc symptoms were basically the same. I was nauseous, could smell like a dog, and so tired. So by April I was freaking out that I could be pregnant because all those symptoms were happening, and in full force. 

Not pregnant, just hormonially adjusting.

April and May went by and we avoided that week like the plague. Being a teacher, I feel like pregnancy can be strategic. There are certain times of the year that are better than others to have a baby, and although we knew it was not our plan (hello, God!), we knew what steps needed to be taken to make a baby, so we just didn't participate in those activities during certain times :) 

Moving on. June rolls around and we decide this will be our first month trying. Ambitious we were! According to my app (because isn't that how babies are made these days?) I was ovulating on a certain day and the week leading up to that was my fertile week. As I explained all this to Chris, all he kept saying was, "How does your phone know when you're ovulating. It doesn't know!" Whatevs, Baby Daddy. But, in all reality, you never truly know when, so we decided to just do it a lot. Anddd by the time my phone indicated I was ovulating we didn't want to even think about the act of doing it. #overit. We had already left the whole thing up to God, so we knew if it was meant to be then it would happen.

Well, June's time of the month rolls around and hellooo Aunt Flo. Not pregnant. Not upset. After-all, this was our first month trying. And try we did, just not at the right time, apparently. We jumped the ovulating gun, if you will.

Life gets busy, I get bored, I decide to start traveling around to see my family, Chris gets promoted and works a little more than normal, and the summer heat cranks up. 

I went to a concert with my brother, my family was in town for five days, and then I went down to my family's house for three days. So, during July's magic week, Chris and I were never alone and weren't together that often. 

Without going into detail, we did the deed once, not even thinking about making a baby. After I checked my app (#technology) and realized we missed the boat again. I tell Chris that we are never going to have a baby because you have to do one thing to make a baby and, because of traveling and our schedules, that one thing was veryyyyy rare during the month of July. 

The beginning of August comes and I am preparing for every girl's favorite week of the month. I was at a teacher training all week, so I prepared with tampons and wore black. I've always been one to be prepared :)

Cramps, bloating, badddd cramps, more bloating. I was so convinced I was going to start my period one night, in the middle of the night, that I got up and put in a tampon just to be sure. 

Next morning, nothing. One day late, nothing. Two days late, nothing. Weird.

I was at the grocery store after training on August 4th and thought I might as well pick up some pregnancy tests just to be sure. I figured I wouldn't pee on the stick for at least one more day, just to be sure.

I get home and can't help but think, "What the heck, just find out now and save yourself the wondering."

I pee on it, set it down, flush, close the toilet to sit on the lid, reach down to pick it up and....


Two bold, pink lines right there in the little window. Pregnant. All I could think was whaaaaaaat?!?!

I instantly texted my cousin, "CALL ME," with a picture of the test. No response for what seemed like eternity, so I decide to call Desirae. I needed to talk to someone I knew would answer and could FaceTime and I knew she'd be able to. (My cousin called four hours later and was freaking out!)

We FaceTime and she can tell something is up. I show her the test, we scream, I tell her my idea to tell Chris, we are giddy again, then we hangup and I figure out a way to tell Chris he is going to be a Daddy.

A day that he, nor I, will ever forget. 

Never in a million years did Chris or I know when it would happen for us. We prayed for it to be on God's time and we were both not stressed about it. At the end of the day, we both knew we would be parents one way or another (adoption, fertility treatments, etc.), so there was never a worry of if we would be parents, just the question of when. The advice we received consistently was to not stress about it, so we didn't. We are feeling so blessed and will continue to pray for others who may be trying or struggling to start a family. As much as we took part in the "making" of a baby, we know that God is always in charge and we give Him alllllll the credit.

I am so happy to be sharing this journey with y'all and look forward to bringing a Little Tucker into the world!
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