Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WIWW: Spring Booties + Link Up

Let's just totally skip over the fact that I'm wearing my favorite white jeans (again) and skip to my new booties...that I'm obsessed with. 

I wanted cut-out booties all winter, but didn't feel like I needed them. Fast forward to them being on sale (over $100 off!!!) and I couldn't resist! And, they are so comfy. I wore them all day Saturday and my feet never hurt, nor did I get one blister. Texas can't make up its mind if it wants to be hot or cool, so I am going to try squeeze in a couple more wears before I have to pack them away for summer. 

The number of these peplum tops I have is getting out of control. I own them almost in every color and I'm not even ashamed. You can see me in the striped version here and the maroon version here. 

Lastly, I have to mention my beautiful new ring. I got it a few weeks ago at Flea Style from the vendor set up behind my booth. I wanted all her jewelry, but I knew I couldn't walk away without this ring! Go check them out!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Graham || 12 Months

We are three weeks into having a one year old and it just keeps getting better and better, busier and busier! Graham is anything but calm and he keeps us on our toes. I wanted to make sure I documented all his stats before I forgot! I already don't do all the other 'mom' things, so I figured I'd better at least track his measurements!

Here we go!

Weight and height: 26 pounds (96%), 30 inches (56%)

Sleep:  G finally started sleeping through the night around 9 months. We are so happy to say that he is a great sleeper! 

Clothes: 18-24 months

Diaper Size: 5

Teeth: At one, he had two teeth. Now, as I write this, he has six. He has cut four top teeth in the last two weeks!

Health: Buddy boy ran his first high fever the week before he turned one. It was teething related, but at 102, he was pitiful. Although, nothing is better than a snuggly baby. At his one year appointment we found out he had a double ear infection, which was his first! He showed no signs, so I think we have a tough little man on our hands. 

Personality: He is a goof! He loves making people laugh and will keep doing whatever he is doing as long as you are happy. He is such a lover, too! He is not shy about just crawling over to anyone and laying his head in their lap. He loves giving sugars and hugs. Lately, he has been quite demanding and wants things when he wants them. He has no fear and is all boy as far as being rough and energetic.

Favorites: His favorite thing in the world is to go outside and look for planes. We live very close to a private airport and small planes fly overhead all day. We sit outside for 45 minutes or so everyday and watch the planes go by. He also loves his paci, stroller rides, being on a schedule, basketball, or any ball for that matter, the remote, and Bailey. He LOVES Bailey!

Food: He loves most everything we give him. He isn't a huge fan of many fruits, but we keep trying them and he is tolerating more and more. He finally likes milk! He also loves quesadillas, cheese, turkey deli meat, carrots, and bananas.


We can't believe you're one!! You make us so happy. We have thousands of pictures/videos of you that we can't stop looking at. 

You're such a lover and we pray you always stay this way. Everyone always comments on how happy you are and we couldn't agree more! You love other kids and adults. You love dogs and have no fear crawling up to anyone!

You're almost walking and took three small steps when your Mimi was here visiting. We bought you your first Nikes and Converse and they are so stinkin' precious!

Being your mom is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you as your grow, G.

I love you so, so much!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I've blogged three times this week which I'd consider a win! My mom is coming to visit this weekend, so I'm looking forward to have an extra set of hands around the house to help wrangle a very active one year old!

We are planning on finally painting/decorating our guest bedroom, so be on the lookout for that on Instagram (@SarahTuckerUp). Other than house projects we plan on relaxing and enjoying this beautiful weather before it gets too hot!

Now for some Friday favorites!

1. This little (or big!) guy has been SO FUN lately. He is such a ham and definitely has his mom's love of talking. I always stack his blocks and he loves knocking them all over. He lets out the biggest giggle and it is the best sound ever.

2. I know I've been blowing up my blog with this tank, but they finally restocked the exact one I have, so go grab it while you can!

3. I bought this lash serum off Amazon. It used to be called something different a few years ago. I used it when it was that brand and it worked SO good. I'm on my second week of using this stuff and I can already tell a slight difference! I'd be totally lying if I said it doesn't cause some mild eye irritation, but I wear contacts and it isn't bad. If I feel like my eyes need a break, I just switch to every other day. I'll keep you posted!

4. I'm obsessed with this whole page and I want it all!

5. I ordered these cutout booties because they were on major sale! I know it isn't bootie season anymore, but I can't wait to wear them next fall!

Happy Friday!!
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