Friday, April 25, 2014

Using no sew tape with a hair straightener

A lot of you were very intrigued with me mentioning that I used no-sew hem tape on my linen pants...and I did it with my hair straightener. Actually, I always use my hair straightener when I use no-sew tape!
This is how the story goes:
One day I was running late for church (duh, the one day a week everyone runs late!) because my linen pants were just too long. At 5'3" they were dragging even with really high wedges. So what is a girl to do?! Since I already had my hair straightener heated, I decided to go grab my no-sew hem tape and just give my pants a quick hem. Five years and multiple washes later and the hem is still as good as it was the first day!
Here are three ways I used no-sew tape and my hair straightener:
1. Obviously to hem pants...
2. Curtains in our new guest bedroom...(DIY post and story coming...eventually)

See the abandoned iron?? I haven't used that thing in YEARS!
3. Curtains for my classroom...

So, have you ever used your hair straightener to hem something?! Ever used no-sew hem tape? It is the best!

Happy Friday!



  1. I actually have used that tape on Drew's swim shorts before! I am NOT a fan of long shorts/swim trunks on boys, especially when they are this young. They look grungy and I like the 'at knee' cuter look! :)

  2. I've never used no sew tape, but I think I might to try it out! So awesome that you can use it with your straightener...because my iron hasn't been touched in years either!


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