Tuesday Tune Up: Birthday Suit

Monday, February 11, 2013

My birthday outfit.
Blouse: Francesca's// Skinnies: Banana Republic// Flats: Target
These days I am lucky if I even make it out the door dressed. My days and nights are running together and it is only week one of busy season. Yikes. 

I wore such cute outfits last week and I forgot to take pictures of some them...and I never had the energy to slip them back on and snap a pic. Sorry. I promise they were cute. Maybe I'll include them next week :)

A couple of interesting things to note that have happened lately:

- My personal email got hacked. Thank you hacker for spreading your terrible-ness. I got a text from my brother saying, "An article about raspberry..." to which I replied, "Oh no! Don't open it!"...to which he responded, "Consider it opened." Ooops! 

- Ummm, can we get a thank the Lord that Tierra is gone, finally. Oh my gosh, the fake tears were killing me. She wasn't even sad that Sean was letting her go. If you seriously think this guy is your husband, when he tells you to leave you are probably going to beg and plead and say, "I'm sorry, I am not really the crazy-psycho-emotional-basket-case that I have been acting like lately. I will be besties with the girls and do whatever you say." Instead she fake cried some more and blamed the girls for sabotaging her. Bye, bye crazy brow. See ya never!

- When I got home today my garage door was not all the way shut. Can we say creepy? This would happen the week that Chris is traveling. I went next door and got my adorable neighbor (she is totally preggo and I am so excited! baby next door, y'all!) and her and I...and a taser...went through the house checking under all the beds and behind the shower curtain like we were in a movie. Her husband wasn't home yet, but no need for a man. Girl Powa. We actually found out that their garage door opener opens my garage door...such a relief. Now, for figuring out how to reprogram that bad boy...

Now onto last week's outfits. 

A dress was necessary for a day in the 70's.
Dress: Ross// Boots: Chinese Laundry at Nordy's
I loveeee this top. Flowy and so fun!
Blouse: Vintage Cottage Boutique// Jeans: Banana Republic// Boots: Steve Madden
Girls night out at the comedy show. Chris made sure I was wearing my wedding ring when I left the house ;) Of course I was, have you seen that family jewel?!!
Blazer: Vintage Cottage Boutique// Blouse: Francesca's (bday gift from the MIL!)// Jeans: Nordstrom// Wedges: BCBG at TJ Maxx
Comfy, cozy, black and grey.
Necklace: F21// Sweater: Nordstrom// Jeans: Banana Republic// Boots: Francesca's
I will try and slip back into my other outfits at some point. Until then, have a great Tuesday!

Did you watch Bachelor?! I read the spoilers so I can't say too much! Did you come home and your garage door was not fully closed?!


  1. I love your birthday outfit - that blouse is too cute! And hallelujah Tierra is gone...took long enough :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. All your outfits are so cute!! I hate that feeling of being afraid to go in your house!! Glad you're safe. xoxo I'll email you my question :) #becauseyourenotbusyenoughalready

  3. Thank goodness Tierra is gone!! Tierra's Eyebrow even has a twitter account and the tweets are hilarious! And I just read your post about the ring - SOOO sweet! It's gorgeous!

  4. thats a great birthday outfit, fun and colorful!
    yes to the bachelor- oh i almost squealed in delight after last nights show! buh-bye mean girl!!!!

    1. Isn't it?! I love the red and blue!

      Hahah seee yaaa neva, Tierra!

  5. Cute cute outfit week.. as always :) Love your birthday dots!