Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello, and good day to you on this wonderful Thursday! 

Okay, that was incredibly corny, but for realz...I have someone I want y'all to meet. She is sah-weet, sassy, and I am totally smitten with her blog. 

Everyone say hi to Kaylin ("hiiii Kaylin"). Before I ramble on too much, let's just meet her!


Hi guys, I'm Kaylin, and I blog over at Stay Blonde, Ski Local.
I found Sarah's blog a little over two weeks ago, and immediately had a girl crush.
And I proceeded to read on her entire blog.

She is someone I know I would be friends with in real life.  And if we were friends in 'real life' (as if this blogging life of mine is fake), I would totally raid her closet (that she recently re-organized) for pretty much everything.  That being said here is an outfit I wanted to share with you all.
I wore this dress this summer, here, although I like it better with tights and boots, I think.

Okay, okay back to my post- now that you know I am pretty much obsessed with Sarah, want her wardrobe, and try to be as cute as she is, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

That being said, haven't really decided on a New Year's resolution, and it's Febraury, so I'm a smidge behind, but better late than never. Also I wanted to make a resolution that would challenge me, and improve my life, somehow.

And then all of a sudden, bam, this morning (while in the shower), I had a moment of 'brilliance',
I found my resolution. 
 To simply:

So much time I spend worrying silly little things. 
But with all the exciting things coming up in my life, 
I'm going to be an Aunt, I am going to be in my best friends wedding, I am going to Brazil, my family is happy and healthy, I love my boyfriend, and I am feeling particularly blessed to have all these positive things in my life.

But with all this, I need to learn to SLOW DOWN,
 and appreciate what is happening in my life NOW.


What I really need to do every day, is take a deep breath, and enjoy it for what it is, be it a day at the office, on the slopes, with family, or just hanging out; gain perspective on my life.
I need to see the blessings I have, and the love I have been given.  
And be thankful for the moment.

It's hard to remember sometimes, when life happens, (like back your car into a pole), when you get frustrated, when you have a bad day, when you feel like you can't catch a break. 
LOOK at the BIG picture.


I need to enjoy being in my twenties, although sometimes I have woes about growing up, these years don't last forever. I should cherish them.
I need to realize that there are bigger problems in the world than the ones I 'deal with'.
I need to appreciate my health and the health of my family, more than I do, it's a gift.
I need to be thankful for the many people who love me.
 I need to cherish the relationships, and give back to them, as much as they give to me.

I plan on investing my energy and thoughts in the moment.
Living in the NOW.
If I learn (and practice) this more now, it will only get easier with time!!!
And I won't take all my life blessing for granted.

Any other New Years resolutions??
Any advice on my own???
Holler at Me Over here.

Thanks for your support!!!


Ummm, don't you want to be besties with Kaylin right now? I do! She loves skiing, fashion, and life. Yes, yes, and yes. Plus, her message is totally inspiring.

Thank you, Kaylin, for coming over and sharing your better-late-than-never resolution! You are ALWAYS welcomed here at Tucker Up!



  1. this outfit is CUTE CUTE CUTE! totally something i would wanna wear! just wanted you to know that i nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog today! you'll have to see - and maybe play along if you haven't already! you seem to have a quite a little following as it is!!! XO