I'm the kinda girl...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

...that doesn't take herself too seriously.

...that will tell you the truth when others won't....sometimes I am a little too blunt.

...that can't wait to be a mom.

...that cries at all weddings...even weddings on tv. 

...that is miss independent.

...that will go out in public with absolutely no makeup on.

...that wants to always protect her little brother, even though he is much bigger than me.

...that loves all things sports, yet can wear heels like it's my job.

...that hates losing.

...that gets moody at night...really moody.

...that drinks her husband's coke because she didn't order her own.

...that has never dieted. one life to live and i am going to eat the cookie. 

...that raised pigs, but you would never know it.

...that wears a ratty t-shirt to the gym instead of a cute workout outfit.

...that needs to work on her relationship with God.

...that can cook a home-cooked meal, but hates doing the dishes after.

...that no matter how old i am, i will always be daddy's little girl.

...that tries not to sweat the small stuff, like a messy house, or a bad hair day.

...that dreamed about her wedding day for years.

...that makes tons of mistakes.

...that wants to be a role model.

...that likes to make people laugh.

...that whines to her dad and husband because she knows she will get her way.

...that sometimes takes on too much, then stresses about everything.

...that pours cold water on people when they're in the shower.

...that gets cold water poured on her.

...who is comfortable in the skin God gave her.

...that always plays jokes on people. 

...who blogs as an escape from everyday life.

...who is blessed beyond words.



  1. hey! i don't know how but i randomly stumbled upon your blog, probably a link up or someone linking to you - but i literally can't remember. this is such a great, truthful post! and this is a total lame-o comment. sorry :)

  2. love this list, especially the water in the shower one ;) and the picture of you and your brother is adorable!!!

  3. I feel the same way about my baby brother who also towers over me now.
    cute post!

  4. I'm right there with you for going out without make-up and ratty t-shirts to the gym! Thanks for sharing a little bit more of yourself.

  5. 1. I won't ever say no to a cookie!
    2. I feel the same way about my sister as you do about your brother. I don't think it ever changes!
    3. The cold water thing is too funny!

  6. I go in public all the time without make up! Grocery store, gym, Target, you name it, I've probably gone, ha!

  7. great list. I go in public without make-up every single day. Unless it's special event, why? Because I'm lazy and don't want to take it off when I get home.
    And I have to say when I read "role model" I read it as "ride a mole" and thought...hmmm wouldn't the mole get squished? Then re-read and saw it was much better then I read the first time, haha!

  8. YAY!! This is the cutest post!! I totally enjoyed reading this, you are too funny :) I wish I didn't have to diet :( I guess it's in the genes ;) I too am a softy when it comes to lovey dovey stuff, especially marriage :)


  9. What a great post.....I just LOVE your blog! I feel like we would be best friends in real life :)

    XO Samantha

  10. awwwwww.... love this! I loathe the dishes.. and whining because you know the final answer will eventually be: "ok", is the only way haha... But seriously this whole post game me gooseybumps :)

    Hope you had a great Thursday girly.