Insta-Friday: Please contain your excitement...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's sad when the only two pictures you insta-gramed all week were about your work...

Remember how much fun I was having a couple weeks ago?

Now everyday and every night looks like this:

...minus my feet being on my desk during the day...

I tell ya, I am livin' the dream, ha!

Don't be too jealous, now, that I get to stare at numbers in size five font all day, as in 11-15 hours a day. You're jelly (aka jealous), I can tell :) 

This weekend Chris and I are headed to the Hill Country. We have to go to a wedding and this little girl is getting baptized! Don't think this is a "vacation" computer will be happily making the trip and I will, unfortunately, have to work while I am at my parent's...but seeing them is totally worth it!

Just to brighten up this post, here are my high-fives for the week:
1. Chris was not traveling this week. So happy when he is home.
2. I have been working out consistently, and I can tell!
3. This is one week closer to April 15th...
4. We got $500 for referring our friends to our neighborhood! They bought the house two doors down from us :)
5. I am one week closer to April 15th...can I repeat that?

Have a wonderful weekend!

What are your plans? Working like me??



  1. 1) I love the hill country aka WINE COUNTRY!! Have fun. 2) I'm from McKinney. Which suburb are you from near dallas? PS- love your cute design :-)

  2. five hundos is five hundos. that is freaking awesome!! one week closer, i think i can, i think i can

  3. I know it sucks now but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel for work! :)

    Have a great weekend at the wedding and baptism! :)

  4. I'm heading to Hill Country (Wimberley) next Friday. I'm so excited! I am taking the day off for vacation though. Hopefully you wont have to work too hard and can enjoy some.

  5. Love referral bonuses, that's great!
    Hang in there, April 15th is just around the corner ;)!

  6. Hey guess what?! It's one day closer to April 15th!! Did that help any? Haha..Can't imagine what kind of craziness this season brings for ya, but I hope you enjoy a good part of your weekend with your family :)

    Have a good weekend girly.

  7. You look so STUNNING in the wedding pictures. Proud of you for staying strong!!!! Sounds like a fun weekend. Now back to reality!!!