Tuesday Tune Up: thank you, SO SO much

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I just want to start this Tuesday off with a THANK YOU!

I know I have said it before, but I'm going to say it again...thankyouthankyouthankyou!

After yesterday's post I got a flood of emails, the sweetest emails, from tons of you! Your words of encouragement and uplifting thoughts are so heartwarming, honestly. Hearing people say that I am inspiring them is such a blessing.

I went into this challenge for me. Already, within a month, I feel as though this challenge is changing me and YOU! God is cray-cray, isn't He?! Even if I only inspire one person to shop less, or be content with what they have, I have done my job. Some have told me I have inspired them spiritually as well. What an honor. 

I want everyone to know that I read each and every comment and it truly puts a smile on my face. With graduate school in full swing, tax season upon me (I am a tax accountant for those wondering what my "day" job is...), and the stresses of life, reading sweet comments from y'all is such an awesome feeling. 

I am truly humbled by this experience. I get emails from some of my blogging idols (shout out: Cassie and Shanna) saying how I am inspiring them to shop less, and be more content in what God has already blessed them with. Ah-mazing. Seriously. Little 'ol me talking about being a shopaholic and suddenly I am helping people grow in their relationship with God and open their eyes to more than materialistic items. Whoa-buddy. 

I won't go on much more, but I cannot WAIT to see what this year has! It is only January and so much has sprouted from this resolution. I eeeekkkk with excitement thinking about it!

Okay, onto some biz-nass about clothes. 

I kinda sucked at remembering to take pictures last week. Here is all I have, but most importantly...I still haven't repeated a shirt! 

Ladies, it is amazing what you can find in your own closet. Organizing my closet was the key! I seriously forgot I had half the shirts I have. It is almost like getting new clothes...almost :) 

This outfit made me happy. Maybe because this shirt is loose fitting so I could "let my gut hang," or maybe just because I was feelin' it that day. Whatever the reason, this will be a repeat outfit.
Bubble necklace: shoplately.com// Blouse: Vintage Cottage// Skinnies: Target// Flats: Target
Can't ever go wrong with the lumberjack look. Never-ever-ever-ever. I adore that I can dress like this at work. Sometimes, me and the guys I sit with have "flannel" day...and I happily fit in with this shirt :)
Top: F21// Jeans: Marshalls// Boots: Steve Madden
I have had this shirt for YEARS... and worn it twice. Whomp whomp. Not-no-mo, peeps! I felt slightly Army-ish, and the earth tones worked! Keep an eye out for a WIWW post about this little get-up.
Cardi: Nordstrom// Top: Target// Necklace: Park Lane// Jeans: Banana Republic// Boots: Chinese Laundry
Chris demanded Wrigley be in the picture...Wrigley is NOT supposed to be in our room, yet he always weasels his way in the door. Spoiled rotten.
AND I have to thank Maddie for this adorable jacket. More details about the HUGE box of clothes she sent me coming soon!
Long sleeve: Banana Republic// Checkered jacket: Maddie// Trouser jeans: Banana Republic// Flats: ALDO
Disclaimer: this dress is NOT flattering. Ugh. I bought it for $7 and that was literally the only reason I bought it. It washes me out and the belt hits me in a funny spot BUT this challenge is training me to be blessed to be clothed! Woo hoo!
Dress: Target// Cardi: Target// Boots: Chinese Laundry
I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday! I am knee deep in tax returns and homework, so I bet your day beats mine :)
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Blessed to have this day He gave me!


  1. If I do say so myself...you make that jacket look good(and fyi, it was from my mothership, Ross) and I am waiting outside the social office in 40' weather...so our day may be even. It better open soon;)

  2. I desperately need to organize my closet! I bet i would find some really cute things!

  3. Super cute outfits!!! Seeing all of your post about shopping your closet, etc & then putting my clothes away this weekend & literally not being able to squeeze another item in my closet (it is small though) made me stop & think, "Do I really need all of these clothes!?" It's definitely time for a clean out to see what I do & don't need!

  4. Love your cute outfits! I'm a sucker for OOTD's (: Too bad mine are all maternity OOTD's right now!

  5. Great outfits as always friend!! Again I am so proud of you!! I am trying to follow your lead too! Hope you had a great Tuesday!

  6. Yay! You totally ARE an inspiration- just so you know! And I LOVE that last outfit! I don't think that dress is un-flattering on you at all. You look darling! As always. You are awesome! :) You can totally do this!