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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today my Dad turns 60. 

I am so blessed to have him in my life and be able to call him my Dad.

To be completely honest, though, I am having slight anxiety about it. 60, wow. I know it isn't that old, but he isn't exactly a spring chicken. The only way I feel as though I can cure this weird feeling I have about my Dad turning another decade older is to write down 60 thoughts I have about him. From stories, to things I love about him, here is a list of 60 things I never want to forget. 

  1. I remember calling to tell you I wrecked my car one month into being at college. After lying to you I called you back and told you the truth; my friend was borrowing my car and wrecked totaled it. Once again you said, "Kids will be kids and things like this happen. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Cars are replaceable, but people aren't." I think you might have added in that kids do stupid things, but my stubborn self tried to forget that line :)
  2. I love the love you have for your family. We are your world and I know it.
  3. Thank you for the countless hours you spent coaching my softball and volleyball teams. You put up with some much and never complained once.
  4. Thank you for being there no matter what. I remember calling you to tell you I got a speeding ticket coming home for summer break going 20mph over. I was so worried you would be mad, but I should have known your response would be, "So what? It's a speeding ticket; not the end of the world." You're always so calm about everything.
  5. I remember the first time we went skiing when I was seven. I really wanted to go to the top of the mountain before I was ready. We got up there and I freaked out. We had to ride the ski lift back down the mountain and somehow I fell off while trying to load. You jumped out after me and we both had to go to the emergency room on the mountain. You got a rock through your hand and I just had some scratches. You are my real-life Superman. I should add that I still have to hear about how the ski resort didn't take insurance, so that trip ended up costing a pretty penny.
  6. I remember you calling me sophomore year of high school to tell me that my phone was being cut off because you found out I had snuck out of the house. You picked me up from school even though I had my license. You wanted to take my car away, but decided that me taking Sam to school was better than you having to take us both.  
  7. I remember your 50th birthday party like it was yesterday. Tim and Becky for you a shirt that said DADD - Dads Against Daughters Dating. You thought it was the best thing ever.
  8. I remember the tears you cried over Meme's passing. I had never felt my heart so empty.
  9.  The game we play where we send each other pictures of our table at a restaurant and we have to guess where we are eating. Chili's is always a dead giveaway.
  10. I remember Mom and I telling you she was pregnant. We went to the florist and I got to pick out a bottle with a balloon on it. When you got home you asked me if it was my baby-doll's birthday. Oh how you were so wrong.
  11. That one time you told me you would never buy me a sports car and then surprised me with a Mustang...ya I remember that.
  12. I love how your idea of "hiding" our Christmas presents was putting them in the office with a beanbag over them. 
  13. Speaking of Christmas, all you have every wanted are socks and underwear. Typical man gift.
  14. I remember the time you brought me home a stuffed Simba and Mufasa after you had been out of town. That is one of the only stuffed animals I have left. 
  15. I remember when you took Alisa and I to the Gap and bought us tons of matching clothes.
  16. I love how I order water when we go out to eat, but you let me drink all your Coke. You tell me to order my own, but I never do.
  17. Every time you eat strawberry ice cream and you find a huge chunk of strawberry you always give it to me because you know that is my favorite part.
  18. I remember when I got in trouble after my basketball game on third grade and you and Mom made me sit in the car while my friend's ate the cupcakes Mom had made for my birthday. Looking back, I totally deserved it.
  19. I will, unfortunately, always remember the day you and Mom got me a puppy for my birthday and that same day you accidentally ran over it while my friend and I were in the bed of the truck. After inspection, you and Uncle Randy said, "Sarah, Tommy's dead." Tough love. 
  20. I can still see your face the moment I woke up after being hit in the head with a softball while pitching. I just remember laying there and opening my eyes and hearing you say, "Yup, she's alive." You are where I get my "rub some dirt on it" mentality. Mom, of course, was freaking out.
  21. I love how you bought a 16 passenger van just so you could drive the entire softball team to the games to make sure everyone was there on time.
  22. I love how you (nor Mom) ever put pressure on me (or Sam) to get perfect grades, yet both of your kids graduated at the top of their class. You did something right!
  23. I love how you sent me to camp for two weeks every summer. That camp is where I met some of my best friends. 
  24. I remember when I used to cut your hair. That was back when you had enough hair to cut.
  25. Thank you for taking me to pitching lessons every weekend and being my catcher. You would get pounded with my stray balls, yet you never tried to recruit someone else for the job. You were so involved.
  26. Your ability to keep up with my schedule and never miss a sports game amazes me. You allowed me to play all of my school sports, plus year around softball for a team that was an hour away. You and I spent almost every weekend together at one of my tournaments. I remember asking myself how you always stayed awake while driving me home. Now I get it, you have parent power that one day I will possess. 
  27. I remember you driving me all the way to north Austin just so I could get this special ice cream I liked.
  28. I remember the first time I wore mascara. You made me go in and wash it off. I think it was more of a shock to you that your little girl was growing up, and less of a "you're wearing too much makeup" issue. 
  29. On that same note, I remember showing you my first true two piece. The look on your face was priceless. 
  30. I love how you always made fun of my reality shows, but you would get sucked in just as fast as I would. 
  31. I remember when you got me my own home-phone line so I could talk to my friends. You might have spoiled me, but I'm not complaining.
  32. I love how, even at 23, you still let me sit on your lap.
  33. Your love of Lifetime movies. All your friends give you a hard time, but you are addicted to those silly rom-coms.
  34. Fishing...that's your happy place. 
  35. Your love for Mom. You always had her back even when I would try my hardest to prove I was right.
  36. I love how you call me, Mom, and Sam all the time. You drive so much for you job, so we know you just get bored "drivin' down the highway."
  37. Your wardrobe. Anyone who knows you knows you are a tee shirt and athletic shorts dude. I can't remember the last time I saw you in a pair of jeans. You had to borrow a tux for my high school homecoming. And for my wedding you had to go buy dress pants. I can always count on you to keep me grounded.
  38. I am still jealous that your teeth are perfectly straight without braces. I didn't inherit that gene...Sam did. Go figure.
  39. Our song..."In 1814 we took a little trip..." The Battle of New Orleans. We have sang this song together since I was teeny-tiny. 
  40. Your hands. I could pick your hands out of a crown of a million. Gorilla hands. You are famously known for your huge, rough hands. Chris still talks about the first time he shook your hand when you met him. Let's just say you got your point across with one simple handshake. 
  41. I remember when I would get hurt playing softball. You always gave me tough love and now I am the same way. Unless your bleeding, blue, or dead, I'm not too concerned. 
  42. You were always the chauffeur for me and all my friends.
  43. That time you wrote me a letter while I was at camp for two weeks straight. All it said was, "Mom is out of the hospital and doing fine. Uncle Randy and I will be there on V-day to pick you up. Love, Dad." You incorrectly addressed the letter explaining all the details. You didn't seem too concerned, so I didn't worry. 
  44. Your love for animals is so humbling. You are the kindest man in the world. There isn't a dog that doesn't love you. We try to keep Wrigley and Bailey off the furniture, but when you're here, you insist they snuggle with you.
  45. I love your stories. You have a story for everything. I can't wait to pass those stories down from generation to generation. 
  46. I remember the time you bought Mom Godiva chocolates for Valentines. They melted in the car so you froze them and gave them to her anyways. They were melted into one piece. Priceless.   
  47. I remember shooting my first deer with you in the deer stand. You told me I had to clean my kill, but I talked you into doing it for me :)
  48. That time I played an April fools joke on you about sneaking out. You and Mom tucked me into bed and I went and drove the car to the back of our property. Sam played a part in the action. You freaked out and it was hilarious.
  49. I remember you helping me stack phone books on the riding lawnmower so I would be heavy enough to drive it on my own. 
  50. You always tell me, "Don't be a wuss." Best advice ever. Because I am not a wuss, I have experienced so much in life. 
  51. If there was anything I ever wanted, you made sure I got it. I had to earn it, but you always made it happen.
  52. The fact that you got married to Mom in a "shirt tux" just about lets everyone know what kind of person you are.
  53. You're so forgiving. People have done some not-so-nice things to you in your life, but you always manage to get over it. 
  54. The fact that you're 60 today and still work a very labor intensive job, but wouldn't trade it for the world, is amazing.
  55. You were the person who said that I would end up teaching. You were right. I should have known you would be right.
  56. I remember last Christmas when we went skiing and I stayed up with you all night long because you were having an anxiety attack. Mom and I switched off and you were so frustrated with yourself. It wasn't your fault, but you put the blame on yourself. Of course you managed to pull though and we ended the trip at the Hard Rock Hotel playing roulette. I'd say that's a successful trip.
  57. I remember when you took Sam and I to a Spurs basketball game (one of the many times) and a guy in front of us was cussing up a storm. You politely asked him to stop and he back talked you. I remember thinking in that moment how it is not a good idea to mess with my Daddy. Lets just say you won that battle.
  58. I love how you read my blog and then blame me for keeping you up until 2AM. Like it is my fault you read my blog into the wee hours of the morning. 
  59. I remember when you worked for Coca-Cola and Frito Lay and we had an endless amount of chips and Coke. #healthy
  60. I am so thankful that you were chosen to be my Dad. We are tow peas in a pod and I can't wait to see what the next decade has in store for you!

Happy 60th birthday, Dad! I love you!


  1. This is soooo very sweet friend. What a great tribute for your Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday to your DAD!!!!

  2. This is the sweetest thing ever. I feel like I know your dad from reading this. He sounds amazing!

  3. I am sure your Daddy was crying after reading this one. Sarah, this is so heartfelt and this is why I love you. Your heart and sincerity are so rare these days. Hope your dad had the best day ever!!

  4. This was so sweet! I hope your dad had a fantastic birthday. :)