A Taco and Christmas Lights Tour

Monday, December 15, 2014

This weekend we celebrated one of my best friend's at her bachelorette party. We went on a tacos and margarita tour/chocolate and Christmas lights tour of Dallas. Best bacelorette party idea ever!

We loaded up the shuttle bus around 5:00pm Friday and made our way to our first stop, Desperados, for their famous deep fried taco. Y'all...if you're ever in Dallas, you need to go there! It was the best taco I have ever had. Everything about it was perfect! We drank their famous margaritas, ate their delicious chips and salsa, and laughed until our stomach's hurt.

On to our next stop in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas. It was time for some chocolate at Kate Weiser. These chocolates looked too good to eat!

The Kate Weiser herself came out to greet us and let us sample her delicious chocolates. She is the one in the bottom left. I had some sort of banana bonbon and it was amazing! I bought a couple macaroons for myself and the bride since neither of us had ever had one. Verdict: so good! 

After chocolate, we made our way to Velvet Taco. Their margarita was better than their taco, but I still ate it all. I just couldn't stop thinking about the fried taco we had. 

Last up on the tour was the Christmas lights. We went to the Highland Park area of Dallas and were driven by some of the biggest homes in the area. We made one stop at a house that it costs over $25,000 to put up their lights each year! We drove by Jerry Jones' house (the owner of the Cowboys) and past Highland Paark Village. At this point, it was after my normal 8:30pm bedtime and I was getting so sleepy!

We made our way back to my friend's apartment where they dropped us off. It was time for her to open her gifts, but all of us old ladies got too comfy on the couch and just about fell asleep. 

After presents we made the executive decision that it was too early to go to sleep for a bachelorette party, so out on the town we went. We ended up at a bar and since most of us are a) married, b) have kids, c) worked all day, or d) a combination, so we left the majority of the drinking to a few of the girls while the rest of us made sure everyone got home safely. We did manage to get all of our drinks free and I have confirmed that the next time I'm in a bar like that will be for someone else's bachelorette party.

Saturday morning all the girls left and I took the bride to be out to brunch. I just adore her and our time together and can't wait for her big day!!

When I got home Chris had flowers waiting for me. He said, "I have to try and woo you back after drunk guys have been hitting on y'all all night!" I was dying laughing!   

And I should mention the AWESOME bridesmaid's gifts we got. Freaking Nike tennis shoes! The bride and all her bridesmaids played softball (one played soccer) in college, so we all have a love for tennis shoes. She asked us for our favorite tennis shoe colors and mine were the only ones without any bright color on them. What can I say, I like my shoes simple!! Aren't they so cool?! She designed them herself on Nike.com.
Sunday was full day of gift wrapping, laundry, grocery shopping, blog writing, cleaning, and cafe dining. We accomplished and it feels good. My family comes in for Christmas next Sunday, and this is a really busy week, so I am glad to get a lot of house work out of the way!

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Sounds like an incredibly fun bachelorette party! I've enjoyed most, one not so much, but it sounds like yours had fun, friends and celebration which are the three main components, right?

    That bridesmaids gift is amazing!!! Stopping by from join the gossip! new follower, too!

  2. you can design your own tennis shoes online?? i had no idea! what a great gift!

  3. Just the though of mexican and margs is making my mouth water!! What a great party--and those shoes are like the best idea EVER!!


  4. What a great idea for a bridesmaid gift! One of the best ever.

  5. Nike's for a Bridesmaid gift?! This whole bachelorette party is right up my alley! So fun!

  6. First things first...macaroons are the bomb! They sell some close to me (cubed cupcakes) and the almond is my favorite. I also get them at stonebriar, if and when I find the person who sells them. Those shoes are so cute, what a nice and unique idea. We had some friends who lived in highland park, I LOVED their home, it was so full of character, so unlike where I live :/. I'm sure you are counting the days until Friday, I know my kids are.

  7. How fun!! I've never gone out to see the lights in that area, I'll see if the girls will go with me this weekend. & a fried taco? I'll have to check this out! lol. But aren't macarons fantastic! I tried them when I was in Spain, love them. The Bridesmaid gift was a fantastic idea, best gift ever. Sounds like you had a very good and productive weekend. Mine consisted of putting up the Christmas decorations, finally. :) Have a good Tuesday!

  8. Sounds like such a fun, unique bachelorette party! Very low key but still fun!

  9. That is so sweet and funny what your husband did for you with the flowers, too cute!! That is such an awesome bridesmaid gift and so cool she personalized them!


    1. He is a hoot :) My friend is so creative when it comes to gift giving!! Luckily I reap the benefits!