WIWW: Rainy Days + Link Up

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

shoes // pants // scarf // hat option here, here // purse // top
As a blogger with no professional photography experience, and no professional photographer at my beck and call, you hand your camera over to your significant other and hope for the best. And then the best happens and you can't believe that your rough and tough husband just took such great photos.

Don't even mind me, just look at this back drop. Chris kept moving from where I placed him and I was thinking, "I''ll just let him go with it and delete them later." One for Chris, zero for Sarah. I deleted all the pictures that were taken when I placed him.

It was raining all day Sunday (the day these pictures were took) and we decided to head to our favorite little restaurant on the square. Since my weekdays are usually when I look like a hot mess, I have to take advantage of every chance I get when I actually put on something other than my elementary school's t-shirt, and jeans. 

It was raining, but we decided to stop at this park near our house anyways. I'd say the rain provided for some pretty darn good photos! Props to that hubby of mine! 

I guess I should say something out my outfit: this is my winter go-to look, right there ladies, and the few possible gentlemen reading. The scarf of the year, my favorite striped shirt, and some dark green jeans for the win. 

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  1. I love your hat! Such a cute pairing with your plaid and stripes and perfect for a rainy day. Kudos to your mister for the pictures :)

  2. Those pictures are stunning! The trees in the back are gorgeous, and the outfit is pretty fabulous too!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. Love your scarf. Such a perfect outfit for a rainy day x
    Noor's Place

  4. Such a cute outfit!! Taking pictures can definitely be a challenge and a learning experience but these are so gorgeous, love the background!


  5. This is such a classic look; I love it. And you're right about that background, it is beautiful!

    NCsquared Life

  6. Love the hat and the stripes/plaid combo-- cute look, Sarah!

  7. Cute Sarah!! and Yes, those photos, I was thinking the same thing. Good stuff!! Every time I come to your blog it's hard for me to believe you're so close by! It's hard to imagine areas looking like this around here. :)

  8. You know I have everything in my closet to copy this exact outfit...doing it this weekend. Thanks friend! And props to the hubby! Go Chris! Bonus they are in focus, when my hubby takes them they are out of focus half the time...oh well!

  9. What a gorgeous hat!! I want it..lol. Love that print mix as well. Thanks for hosting the link up :)

  10. You are so cute, pretty and trendy in this outfit with the plaid blanket scarf and adorable floppy hat. Love it, Sarah. Thanks for hosting as always and welcome by.

    <3 Ada.

  11. I wore almost the EXACT same outfit a few days ago! Great taste:) Haha!