Christmas Recap & Other Things

Monday, December 29, 2014

This year was our first year to host Christmas. We told our families that if they wanted to see us, they had to come to us. The holidays always seem more stressful than relaxing and we wanted to put an end to that. And, just like the loving parents we have, they all said, "Sure! We will ALL come to you!"

Alrighty then. Let the prep-work for hosting nine people at our house begin.

Without boring you to death with details, everything ended up perfect. Perfect. I had bought the perfect amount of groceries, made the perfect amount of breakfast casseroles, delegated the perfect things to other people to be in charge of, the sleeping arrangements we perfect. It was almost like a dream how great last week was.

My family came in from the Austin area and Chris's family came and spent the night, even though they only live about an hour away. It was just the way we wanted it. My 89 year old granddad got to come up and it was so fun starting this new tradition!
Yesterday was the first day we had an empty house in 10 days. You could call us empty nesters now, ha!

Today I have a minor surgery to repair my gums. Wednesday is NYE and we are going to some friend's house, Thurs is a packed day with it being NY's day (yikes! where has time gone!) and Friday I start wedding prep for one of my best friend's weddings on Saturday!

2015 is going to start out busy, busy, busy and I can only imagine that is how the year is going to be. Blessed and busy!!

Happy Monday!


  1. Looks like such an enjoyable Christmas! I definitely think we will be using that line "if you want to see us you can come to us." Holidays can be so stressful driving around and trying to see everybody!

  2. We hosted Christmas too! It was fun but a little stressful ;) looks like Yall had fun!

  3. I'm actually looking forward to hosting a holiday whenever we do get a house. So glad your first hosting gig turned out great! :)

  4. How fun!!! I love hosting...anything. haha What a fun tradition to start. Packed houses are so much fun for the holidays in my opinion. Merry Belated Christmas to you my friend!

  5. I am so glad that it worked out perfectly for you friend. Family is just the best. YAY for lots of fun things coming up this week and the week off so you are able to enjoy it all.

  6. You brave woman for hosting all of your family! I know you were the perfect hostess. Looks like SO much fun!