No Matter What, He Is Mine

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I decided to link up for the whole wedding hoopla series over at Wifessionals. This week was to talk about hardships in your first year of wedded bliss.
Since our big one year is Sunday, this topic is fitting and helps me reflect on this past year.

Let me start by saying Chris is my very BEST friend. He knows me inside and out, he knows how to push my buttons, and he knows how to cheer me up.

When you live with someone you are bound to have a couple of arguments here and there. 

In the beginning the tiffs were about little things and I would get worked up, then he would get worked up, then it was no fun for anyone. One thing we learned is that Chris likes to talk about the problem now, and I like to calm down, gain composure, take a walk, and talk about it later...when our mouths are not fire-hydrants spewing out anything and everything. It is important to me to never say anything that would hurt Chris in a way that he would carry it with him, so in times of argument I always try to watch my words. 

As the months went on, we figured it out. I knew if Chris was just irritated and he knew if I was and I would not let it bother me if he was just having a bad day.

When we were putting up our IKEA entertainment center, I will never forget, Chris stepped on his drill bits box-thingy. It dumped over and bits went everywhere and it hurt his foot. I was ACROSS THE ROOM and Chris got frustrated at me like it was my fault he wasn't watching where he was going. It was in that moment I realized what this whole bickering with your husband is about. I laughed so hard at the fact that Chris had no one else to blame but me, because blaming himself obviously was not an option :)

He got all worked up (the way men do) and I was calm-cool-and-collected and explained to him that it was outrageous for him to think I made him step on all those tools. 

After he calmed down he apologized and realized he was a little dramatic. 

It is moments like that when I think back to how I would have reacted if that happened the first month of our marriage. I would have probably got mad and griped back at him and the whole (tiny) issue would have escalated.

Thank God we are growing together and learning how to cope when the other person is not on top of their 'being nice' game.

I can't tell you how awesome it is to be married to your best friend. Even when I am as mad as mad could get he ALWAYS makes me laugh and I HATE it. "I just want to be mad for awhile..." Does that song ring a bell? Well that is me. Sometimes I just want to be mad, but Chris ALWAYS, 100% does something ridiculous that can't be done without an outburst of laughter.

As much as I hate that he makes me laugh when I am mad, I know God gave me Chris because he knows exactly how to handle me. He knows it only takes a good laugh to get over the issue. On the flip side, I know Chris won't ever take the blame for anything he does, so I have to let him come back down to earth and realize he is sometimes wrong. I know Chris, (gaspppp), you are sometimes wrong, honey :)  

We now know these things and it makes it so much easier to get through issues.  

And I constantly remind myself that the grass is never greener. There is NO couple out there that doesn't argue, or bicker, or have moments that we all wish never happened. We are human, and although Chris and I have had a pretty simple first year of marriage, that doesn't mean it was easy.

But, who ever did something because it was easy, right? That isn't any fun ;)

Marrying Chris has been the most rewarding thing in my life and the toughest thing all wrapped up in one. Marriage is hard, but putting Him first and looking at the fact that you get to be with your best friend forever (talk about a BFF!) makes it all rainbows and butterflies. (But sometimes the butterflies aren't flying and the rainbows aren't shining, and that's okay.)



  1. Great post!!!! Happy early anniversary! :)

  2. what beautiful photos! happy early anniversary! xo

  3. Love this! Figuring each other out isn't always easy (or fun) but, it is oh so worth it! Hope y'all have a great weekend & Happy Anniversary!

  4. Love, love, love this.
    not to mushy gushy.

  5. Very well said!!! Figuring out how to argue is definitely something everyone has to learn. :) Happy early anniversary!!

  6. Yall are so cute! Happy almost one year anniversary!

  7. Friend..I love this. It's the wonderful truth about the first year of marriage. For Aaron and I to look back at the nick picky little things and realize they aren't worth it was the greatest thing we learned. It's awesome to be able to learn and grow so much with your best bud. ;)

  8. this is great! I sure hope my husband can help me laugh it off! :)

  9. I love this post, sweet friend! Happy early anniversary!

  10. All of your pictures are precious friend. I love the fact that you said the thing about marriage is of course they blame you, they aren't going to say it was there fault. hello truest statement ever. :)

  11. Happy early anniversary! I am so a new follower! You are precious and I love your blog! I look forward to reading many more of your posts! I am so glad and thankful that you linked up with us and shared your heart. This type of post floating around in blogsphere was my main goal and desire when creating the link-up for the other Brides out there! I hope other women feel just as inspired by marriage as I did when reading your post! I hope you will plan to link up with us next week for question #3!


  12. Happy early anniversary!!! THANKS so much for linking up with us :) I am the same way....I tell Tim I just want to be mad at him but I can't. He always ends up making me laugh. Love reading your blog as always and those are some GORGEOUS wedding pics!

    XO Samantha

  13. Loved this! Great perspectives. And "I just want to be mad for a while" is totally me too!

  14. great post and your wedding pictures are beautiful!

    happy anniversary and thanks for linking up with us!

  15. 'Knowing exactly how to handle me' ---girl I love that and that's exactly how I feel about my husband but I've just never put it into those words. It's so, so true and so awesome. Love it.