WIWW: White Jeans and Sequins + Link Up!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blouse: KUT from The Vintage Cottage // Jeans: KUT from The Vintage Cottage // Wedges: TJ Maxx

You can just call me slacker Sarah because this is the umpteenth week in a row I have failed to take "proper" WIWW pictures.

"It's my blog and I can do what I want tooooo..." is playing in my head, yet I feel slightly slackerish.

Blame it on my lack of employment at the moment. The truth of the matter is that I wear my PJs 24/7 and my face hasn't see a lick of make up two days in a row since I got laid off

Maybe this week I will stray from my Snoopy boxers and Chris's old tee shirt long enough to lather up my mug and snap some pics. Large emphasis on the mmmaaayyybbbeee. Suspenseful, huh?

The small stud in the first picture if my little cousin. Remember him from here? Then that is my Mom and I, with Dad the photo-bomber. And the graduate/salutatorian/best speech giver known to man...my ballin' and sometimes mistaken for my twin, brother. 

Wednesday Randoms:

- This Sunday is our 1 year anniversary. Expect a super sappy post later this week. Sorry I'm not sorry.

- My Mom spoiled me this past weekend. Eight dresses, one blouse, and one pair of shoes. I bribed her by saying it could pass as my present for getting my MBA...she took the bait :) I will say, I disclosed from the beginning of our day that I WAS NOT buying ANYTHING clothing related. I stuck to it, she didn't. 

- This morning I woke up and instantly got sick. Morning. Sickness. But hey! I'm not pregnant, so I am hoping I do not have a bug :(

- I wish I was better at tweeting. I just don't feel ready to fully dive in to another thing dealing with social media. You can get sucked. in. and I am trying really hard to avoid it.

- I need to repaint my nails. Badly. 

Now onto the 'portant stuff:

- All I ask is you link back to my blog 
- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)
- Invite other bloggers to link up via social media!
- And go meet people! Please!

And if you're feeling up to it, you can follow me:

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  1. Look at you all fancy pants in your sequins! Very pretty, this top lights up your face. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

  2. 1. You & your brother DO look like twins!!
    2. You made the rules clear on shopping day... :)
    3. Happy (early) 1 Yr Anniversary!!! Hope you don't get sickly for y'alls celebration!!!

  3. Okay - you are DARLING! I love your hair! Also, you and your brother look so much alike!

    I'm stopping by from the link up and am going to follow you on Bloglovin'! :) Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. Ow ow ow!!!! That is one HOT outfit on you girly!! Love it all!! The gold makes your hair and skin tone look even more gorg! And ummm I have to say... hello arm muscle in the first picture....heeeeeeeeyyyy ;)

    Also, you deserved to get spoiled by your mamma..Getting your MBA and a fab new job ;)
    And I wish I could see of video of your brother's awesome speech that brought him to celebrity status...too cool :)

  5. I can't get into Twitter too much either. It kinda stresses me out. And yay for getting spoiled by your momma!!! You deserve it. You looked super cute at your little bro's graduation. These soooooo pass for outfit posts!! Can't wait to read your sappy post!! :)Feel better!

  6. LOVE that sequin shirt, you are SO dang cute! :)

  7. That shirt. I die. Can we go shopping there when I come to visit for classroom shopping and six flags?! Hehe and did I know that we had the exact same wedding date? If not...yay us!!! Hehe

  8. Great outfit! Love the shirt. And I just love it when my parents spoil me...good work :)

  9. Very pretty!


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