Share the Love: Meet Brianne...actually Bella!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anyone who has been around Tucker Up for a couple months .526 seconds can tell  I adore my puppy dogs like they are human children. I cannot wait to be a human mom - it is a daily discussion - but my furbabies are filling that void just fine! (Not, we are not having kids, yet.)

Brianne is so kind to give up the spotlight today for her furbaby, Bella!

She is adorable and I would completely approve if Wriggles brought her home one day! Plus, from the looks of the last picture, I think Bella already has a crush!


Hey everyone!  I am Brianne and I blog over at Being Bracco.  
 I am so excited to be over here at Tucker Up!  I just love Sarah and everything about her blog!  Love her weekly wear, love the pictures of her fur babies, love the whit and character she brings to all of posts..Just lover her!  But I am not the only one that has climbed aboard the “Tucker Up Stalking Train”… our fur baby, Bella, loves to sit and read Sarah’s blog with me too and when she found out I had the opportunity to come over here, she begged me to let her do the honors.  What we do for our fur babies.

Hello everybody!  My name is Bella!  But I only tend to hear that name when I am in trouble with my Mommy and Daddy.  (which sometimes I think I hear too much…I am only a 5 month old baby after all.)  

Me in my frequent time out spot.

All the other times I answer to names like Baby Bear, Bella Bear, Mommy’s Girl, and Booger.  My Mommy and Daddy spoil me rotten with unconditional love and I am often reminded of “how good I have it.”  I do have it pretty good.  I pretty much rule the roost around here (or so I like to think), and my daddy always gives me tons of ice…oh how I love my ice..I know the sound of that ice machine from a mile away!
 I also share my domain with my fur sister, Lacey the cat.

I didn’t even know her name was Lacey until I was about 3 months old…she goes by names that are anything but.  Like, Furry Pants, Princess Sheeba, The Scourge, and Scourgalicious.  Although my sister can be a grumpy gus sometimes and doesn’t particular like when I want to give her lots of kisses, she is a great big sister and I know she loves me.  She even gives me great exfoliating facials and cleans my ears better than Mommy and Daddy do!

Recently, we have also learned, that if we get sick or hurt, Mommy and Daddy take us to the doctor, then let us get away with ANYTHING and we get new toys and treats!  I think the frequent trips lately have worn them out though.

But most days it’s nothing but awesomeness over here at Being Bracco.  So be sure to come over and visit us!  Lacey and I have plenty of face time over there and you can see what my Mommy likes to cook, what she wears,  the newest crafty creation she has made(which leaves remnants I try to eat most of the time.),  the many ideas she gets from Pinterest, and what it’s like to be a Bracco (spoiler: it’s fun stuff )

Thank you again Sarah for letting me take my Mommy’s spot over here today!  I love your blog, especially when I get to read stories with my Mommy about the adventures of Bailey and Wrigley… And I may be small, but I am in my prime teen years and I know that I like the boys tall, dark, and handsome.


Is Bella not a total cutie?! 

Thanks for hanging out over here. I will pass the message along to Wrigley :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Thank you again for having Bella and I over here! We had a great time :)