Share the Love: Meet my sorta twin, Sarah!

Monday, April 8, 2013 is currently 10:00pm and I am all hyped up on Red Bull and cookies, per the normal. Seriously, are you surprised? Yah, didn't think so.

Here today for some blog-lovin' is Sarah! I know, you're thinking what I am popular can one name be? Geezzz Mom, I thought you wanted me to be "Miss Independent" yet you gave me the most common name evvv-errrrr.

Lucky for me I have yet to meet a Sarah I don't like so we must be reppin' the name pretty well. 

What am I supposed ot be saying here? 

Oh ya! Today Sarah, from Limited Space Organizing, is here to introduce herself.

I said she is my "sorta" twin because we have the same name, both live in Dallas, both are newlyweds, and both are accountants. Holy-moly we might actually be twins.


Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I blog for Limited Space Organizing.  First of all, I want to thank Sarah for letting me guest post on her blog. Isn't she hilarious? I read every single one of her posts because she cracks me up! So when she posted that she needed some people to guest post for her while tax season wrapped up, I jumped on the opportunity!

Amazingly Sarah and I have a lot in common (other than our names). We are both newlyweds, live in Dallas, and are accountants.  As Sarah prepares corporate returns, I only do individual, trusts, and small corporations, so my tax season is a lot less hectic than hers! I started my blog in January for something to do while my husband worked weekends.  I love all things organizing, crafting, and cooking, so I decided to make my blog about that! I do a new recipe every Monday for my "Monday Meals", and then do some kind of organizational tip and DIY craft throughout the week! 

Last month I did a series called March to Your Closet which was all about how to organize and clean out your closet. This month, I'm introducing my reader's to: April Showers Bathroom Organization Month.  All month I will be focusing on different ways to organize your bathroom, post some before and after's, and show off my reader's work!  If you would like to participate email me at limitedspaceorganizing(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks for letting me stop by! Here are my social media sites if you would like to follow along! I'd love to have you! I'm also hosting my first giveaway! Click HERE to enter!!

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So whatdoyathink? Twinsies? She is totally presh, dontchathink? (Apparently my space-bar is having some issues...)

Sorry that I have to run, but Excel is calling my name and the IRS is getting antsy!



  1. I think you should do a 'Sarah' series, or link party as I feel like there are SO many of us!

  2. Awe, she is great!!! And I am alllll about getting as many organzing tips as possible...I can't keep anything together and straight! :) Don't work too hard today!! You are almost there!!

  3. I agree with Sarah, you need to do a "Sarah" series...only with a "h" though :)

    Only 1 more week! You got this!

  4. I agree with both Sarah's!! A "Sarah" Linkup is a must!!

  5. This is great! haha, that is one thing I love most about blogworld, you meet the most fantastic people! Glad you found your "twin" :-)


  6. I agree, you are hilarious and I love your posts! :)