High Five For Friday!

Friday, December 7, 2012

If I were to see you walking down the street, I would randomly give you a high five for these five things. So, if you see me and I put my hand up, just high five it, okay? Thanks in advance.

1. I think I am officially done with classes for this semester. I am opting out of taking my final because I am happy okay with my previous test grades. My professor chooses the best three of our four test grades. One more semester to go and I will be S. Tuck (aka Sarah Tucker), MBA. Woot woot!

2. We have almost finished decorating for Christmas. With a new house, and this being our first Christmas as a married couple...we are still figuring out where we want things. We are almosttt there.

3. I did the sock bun...without a sock! Don't ask me to do it again, because I think it was beginners luck. I would say this could be my new "daily-go-to" look, but my hair is so heavy that after about an hour it felt like I was carrying a bowling ball on my head. No fun. Then there comes that amazing feeling when you take your hair out from a tight bun...ladies, you know what I'm talking about, right?!?!

4. While photo dumping my pictures on the computer I ran across this picture of me and my cousin/Matron of Honor from my bachelorette party. I never even knew that pictures were taken on my camera..but I love this one of us :)

5. I am so looking forward to this weekend. I have some crafts lined up and a gender reveal party to go to! Baby-feverrrr! Luckily it is our neighbors having the baby, so I can get my baby fix right next door :) Tonight we are headed to dinner with our neighbors and to go look at Christmas lights! Loveee this time of year!

There ya have it. My high five for Friday. Thank goodness it's the end of the week!

What are you high five'n this week? Promotion? Early Christmas present?

PS: Do you see the sock bun picture? Do you see that camera I am using....let's just say Santa came to the Tucker house a couple weeks early this year :))

Happy Friday y'all!!!



  1. LOVE the bun!! I did a sock bun today, but mine is wimpy compared to yours :(...Could that be a Canon 7D?!?! Is so, totally jealous...that is my next camera :) www.andeesantics.blogspot.com

  2. Woohoo on the camera! Your bun looks sooo cute!

  3. You are rockin that bun girl!! I know what you mean about letting your hair down. Mine is in a too tight pony right now and I can not wait to unleash it.

  4. Seriously, your sock bun looks amazing! Maybe some of that beginner's luck will transfer to me when I give it a shot haha.


  5. You don't remember that picture because of that Mambo Taxi in front of you ;) Email me a copy of that pic please, I have the perfect frame for it.

  6. Seriously, you did an amazing job on that no-sock bun! I am super impressed!