WIWW: Fall Prep + Link Up

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

jacket // booties // top // pants // shoes
On Sunday the temperature in my car read 91 and I thought about busting out this jacket. That's a cold front, people!

I can vividly remember swimming on Thanksgiving and sweating through all my Halloween costumes, so based on my memory, the cooler temps aren't coming around for a few more months. 

That is not stopping me from stocking up on some winter essentials. Like this jacket. Everyone and their mom had one last year and they were always sold out, so when I saw one a few weeks ago I couldn't let is pass me by. 

It seems to be light enough for our falls where the mornings can be cool, but the afternoons are sweltering. I can also see me pairing it with a sweater underneath for more warmth when winter decides to show up in the form of an icepocalypse like it does every year. 

Needless to say, I just don't feel right wearing summer clothes too far into September, so pouring sweat or not, I'm breaking this baby out and we are going out in all our jacket glory.

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  1. oh i love this jacket! i just bought one from asos, which isn't as nice, and doesn't have a hood! i may have to check gap out instead!
    Thanks so much for hosting. wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

  2. Oh, I envy your weather. I remember FREEZING on Halloween, and snow on Thanksgiving. Our summers are so short here, and the winters are so long. Love your jacket and graphic tee!

  3. love the jacket and those booties are super cute

  4. Love the jacket, and yes I felt like everyone had one last year and I finally found on on clearance at Nordstrom in my size, it was meant to be. You got a great one. I'm ready for cooler temps but the 90°+ is telling me it's just starting here, boo!

  5. This jacket is perfect!! And I'm still obsessed over those booties! I think I need a pair now ;)

  6. You SLAYED this outfit of the day. SLAYED IT!

    Looking gorgeous per usual!

  7. I am ready and waiting for Autumn..or Fall. It is my favourite time of year, the colours here in Scotland are just stunning...AND, as a wee bonus it tend not to rain too much. I love those crunchy leaves!
    Great outfit...perfect for real life!!
    Fake Fabulous

  8. I feel you, girl. Texas isn't cooling down anytime soon. LOVE your jacket. Perfect Fall staple. XX