Friday Favorites || Back to School and a Wedding!

Friday, August 21, 2015

ONE: After college I always thought how sad it was that I wouldn't get to hangout with my best friends all day, everyday. We all went our separate ways to our own jobs and own lives. That was until this year!

My best friend is teaching at my school, meaning I get to see her face every single day of the week!! I never knew how giddy I'd be to work with my best friend until it became a reality. Now, not only do I want to go to school to see the kiddos, now I want to go to see my friend! It is just the best feeling, ever.

TWO: Back to school clothes shopping is in full force. Since we aren't cooling off here in Texas, I feel like long sleeved dresses are the best transition pieces. At first, when the temps are still high, you can pair the dress with flats, but at it cools down you can easily transition to boots and tights. Also, my obsession with sweaters is ramping up because sometimes our classrooms can be freezing! Cowl necks have always been my favorite!

THREE: My classroom is finally looking less like a dump and more like a place where students can learn. We had Meet the Teacher last night and I was smitten the whole night. Teachers get just as excited as the kids. They are just precious!!

gralands c/o buy sparrow
FOUR: My sister-in-law gets married tomorrow!! You might remember her engagement like it was yesterday, but that was all the way back in February (insert wide-eyed emoji). I am so excited to see all the planning come to fruition...and I am still figuring out how to crash their honeymoon in Hawaii. Ideas are welcome :)

FIVE: My family is coming in to town for the wedding, so how can I not be excited to have our whole family together the weekend before school starts? I can't think of a better way to officially end my summer break of 2015.

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  1. Love! I am starting to look into transition pieces as well. I am so excited for fall fashion I can't stand it! Hawaii?! Let's find a way for us to both go, okay?? ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of memories!

  2. What?! how can the wedding be already, it does seem like just yesterday they got engaged! Your classroom with the colored circles hanging from the ceiling so cute! Good luck this school year!

  3. Look at your adorable room, I love it!! Yay for all day every day BFFs!

  4. So exciting!! Your garlands are so cute in your classroom!

  5. I love your classroom ceiling decorations. Glad to hear its coming together :)

  6. Have a great weekend Sarah and wishing you a smashing start to the school year!