Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As a teacher, I love my kids more then they will ever know. I want the best for them in life, at school, and at home. Around 5th grade is when we start seeing more signs of bullying. Bullying about people's looks, race, religion, etc. As their teacher, it pains me to know that such cruel things can be said to one another. As much as us teachers and parents monitor bullying, we can't see everything.

More times than you would think students will tell us that something has been happening "for awhile now..." and they never brought it up sooner because they were scared. Talk about heart break!

I was lucky enough to be sent this necklace from Compassion Brand. I only accept items from companies I see fit for this blog and when I was contacted by Compassion Brand I eagerly accepted. This topic is so close to my heart and bullying needs to be stopped.

Read a little about Compassion Brand:

Compassion Brand was created to build consciousness around bullying and its ever present lasting negative effects on children, teens, and adults. Compassion Brand is on a mission to help end bullying by designing  jewelry with the universal symbol for “NO”, signifying the brands goal of putting an end to bullying forever. The jewelry not only creates awareness behind this epidemic, but Compassion Brand also donates proceeds from every item sold to the anti bullying movement. Compassion seeks to make what you wear, make a difference. Compassion Brand truly makes it fashionable to be compassionate.

See what I mean? What an awesome company! From cyber-bullying to physical bullying, it needs to be stopped. Help get the word out because you never know who you could help!!



  1. Very cool brand-I LOVE their mission :) Thanks for sharing and the necklace is beautiful!


  2. oh my gosh i love this! what a great mission and you look gorg per usual :)

  3. That's way cool. Great mission and pretty jewelry.

  4. OMG I love that mission. And the necklace is gorgeous, so definitely a win-win!

  5. This is so awesome. You were so put in the right place my friend. These kids are so lucky to have you as a teacher, mentor, and guidance to show them the way of compassion and drive. :)

  6. That top is a great colour!

  7. That's really cool and the necklace is super cute!