Spring Break 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

People who aren't teachers think that we have the easiest job on the planet. All we do is hangout with kids all day, right?

Kinda. You see now that I am a teacher I realize why teachers get summers off, spring break, and an lengthy winter break. It is because we would be literally crazy if we did not get a break from 20 little humans yelling your name 9,843,973 times a day, 20 little humans leaning on you to fill their brains with information, and the pure exhaustion that comes with keeping 10 year old kiddos entertained for 7+ hours. 

You see, everyone told me that teaching has phases. You start in August and you're all eager. Then Christmas time comes and you are thinking, "What did I get myself into?" You come back from winter break refreshed, and by March you are so stressed about some state exam your kids have to pass that everyday you're on the verge of a mental breakdown. Whoever told me that, you're correct person, you're correct.

Here is goes. I had a breakdown and started crying in front of my kids the Friday before spring break. The stress from the house stuff going on combined with the fact that the kids are slightly extremely hyper the day before spring break, I just got overwhelmed. So, to say this break was needed is an understatement. 

Now, let me catch you up on what adventures I got myself into this week (since I just went off on a tangent!)! Let me also remind you that we cut off our cable three weeks ago, so lounging in from of the TV was not really an option.

Monday: The weather was gorgeous here in Dallas, so I met my friend, Caitlin, for lunch on the Mckinney Square. We chit chatted and I am so excited to be moving closer to here soon!

Most of our nights were filled with walking the dogs while enjoying the beautiful Texas sunset.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I went back to Mckinney to have lunch with Chris. I ran some errands and took advantage of any chance to get out of the house that I could. I returned some stuff to Target and grocery shopped. Redbox is being funded by the Tucker's and I have watched more movies in the last couple weeks than I have in my whole life. No joke. 

Wednesday: My Dad was in town (because he was planning on helping us move, which did not take place), so him and I went to breakfast, I went and got a pedicure, we watched movies together, I finished our tax return, and we were basically lazy bums! 

Thursday: My Dad decided to go to work since we weren't moving, so I went and got my hair chopped a little shorter. My girl is amazing and she knew exactly what I wanted. This will be my last short cut for awhile because I want my hair long for one of my best friend's weddings in January!

Friday: I started off the day with breakfast with my Dad, then he headed out of town and I headed to the grocery store. Seriously, I think I have gone to the grocery store almost everyday this week just to do something and get out of the house. Friday night Chris and I were going over to Jordan and Amber's house for burgers, so I decided to bring over my Texas Caviar Dip, my Yellow Cake Cookies, and brownies.

Can I just say that I am so happy I started a blog because I would have never met Amber (or half of you other lovelies out there!). Not only do we enjoy each other's company, but our husband's hit it off better than we ever could have expected! They were seriously two peas in a pod talking about the renovations they are going to make to our houses, the new adventures they are going to start up, and a slew of other "guy" things that they told us ladies. I am so happy they are in our life and can't wait for years of fun to come!

Back on track, we stayed at Amber's house until almost midnight when we were all about to pass out. We are party animals I tell ya! That night Chris tried to stay up as late as he could because he has to work nights a couple times this week, so he was trying to rest during the day. 

Saturday: I met up with my friend who is getting married in January. We had lunch..that lasted four hours...because we were catching up on all aspects of life!

I came back home to spend sometime with Chris before he left for work. After he left I was bored out of my mind. I watched New Girl on Netflix, watched random movies, then finally decided to go to sleep. Bo-ringg.

Now it is Sunday and I am sad that spring break is over. I was able to workout a lot, clean up the house, and sleep in. It was really nice to be able to visit with friends, relax, and spend quality time with my man. I wish we would have been able to move, but fingers crossed (I am not holding my breath) we are closing on Tuesday and moving this weekend!

I'll leave you with some pictures on how our Sunday is looking...

How was your weekend? Did you get spring break?

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  1. Once again, amazing photos. And the hand jewelry is stunning, especially the bracelet. I am glad you had a lovely, well-deserved Spring Break!

  2. My school system is having spring break right now and it is very much needed! Good luck with closing and moving!

  3. I am taking a week off in April and I can't wait!!!! The weekends are too short to get in everything I need to do with a 4 year old "helping" me. :)

  4. Since I sub, I'm on my 2nd spring break from that but still have my PT job. When I taught 4th, I was just like you in terms of the breaks. They are just that good!

  5. I hope this week goes smoothly for you friend!!! :)

  6. I love the bracelet and the watch! I hope you got lots of rest!!


  7. Love the pups but I really love you working out at home!

  8. Trust me girl, I promise I don't think you have the easiest job ever. I semi-tried it and changed my entire career path. I learned I had far less patience than I thought!

  9. It sounds like you had a great and much-needed spring break! I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  10. You look adorable! Love that cut. Pretty sure you can rock any hairstyle though :)

    Sounds like a much-needed, fantastic week. Glad you got to recharge.

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!