WIWW: Aztec Sweater + Link Up!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I have been wanting an Aztec sweater for over a year now. I talked about scouring the internet the night of December 31, 2012 in hopes of being able to order a sweater before my new year's resolution stared. I was in an airport in New Mexico. There was no service cell service and I wasn't able to make a purchase. I went a whole year without shopping and at the end of it all, I still really liked the Aztec print.

Last week on my spring break I went to Ross because I naturally had birthday money burning a hole in my wallet. The first day I found some things that I went home and tried on. One dress I bought, I realized when I got home, had the sleeve cut outs (do you know what I'm talking about? like a sleeve, but it has a slit in the middle...), so it accentuated my arms and shoulders...something a girl with softball arms shouldn't accentuate. Anyways, I went back to Ross the next day to return the dress and I stumbled upon this Aztec sweater for...$9.99. Nine-freakin' ninety-nine, people! The one I had been eyeing over a year ago was over $50. I was in shopping heaven.  And, if I'm being honest, I wore this sweater five out of the seven days of spring break. With yoga pants? Check. With jeans? Check. With yoga pants and flip flops to go get a pedicure? Check. I've already got my monies worth!

In other news...by the time you're reading this we will currently be (or already have!) signed the contract on our new house. It is a done deal, people!! Finally! After having the closing date pushed back numerous times since February 27th, we will officially be moving Saturday. Thank The Lord! Never in a million years did I think I would be buying my second home at 24, but then again, when does life go the way you thought it would?


- I am obsessed with OPI Shorts Story. It is the perfect summer pink.

- I  really appreciate the love and comments about yesterday's post!

- Jessie James and Eric Decker had their baby yesterday. I can't even imagine how gorgeous that child will be!

- I have gone so long without TV that I am not even sure what reality shows I watch anymore.
- There is something in the blogger water and it is making you get pregnant. You've been warned. Every day I wake up to another sonogram picture on IG, and I love it! Babies make me happy and sleeping in on the weekends (only until 7am, but hey! that's better than 5:00am!) still makes me happy. But, baby fever has hit...hard.
- One of my new goals for myself is to stop being on my phone/social media for at least 30 minutes before I go to sleep. If I scroll through Twitter, Facebook, IG, etc. before I fall asleep, I end up having vivid dreams about the people on my social media. Yes, YOU could have been in one of my dreams. I am really not getting good sleep because of it, so I should probably stop. 
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  1. I need to go check out Ross. I love those boots you have on and your hair is so cute!!

  2. I always forget about stopping at Ross. That sweater is such a great find! I love how you paired it with gray and cognac!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. I wish we had a Ross nearby. I always hit them up when we travel to AZ or CO. That sweater is AWESOME! Baby fever indeed. I have two boys and still have baby fever!

  4. I love your new 'do, it is so stinkin cute! And what a deal on the sweater!

  5. Your hair looks great! We don't have a Ross around here, but TJ Maxx is my go to for great deals on trendy items :) That bag is lovely too! Thanks for hosting Sarah!

  6. First of all you look great with the new haircut. I SUPER LOVE YOUR AZTEC CARDIGAN. I purchased one too for about ten bucks. Mine is Brown, Hot Pink & Gray and I wore it on the blog last week. Great deal. I love Aztec these days.

    I am so happy you guys got your second home finally.

    Last but not least, I want to chat with you. What is your E-Mail address? Let me know. Thanks.

  7. Cue lots of clapping for the home close!!!! CAN'T WAIT to be almost neighbors :) Love this look! I might have to check out Ross and see if I can find a similar sweater. I like that it's neutral and has a more classic vibe than a lot of the aztec sweaters I've found. Have a great rest of the week, lady!

  8. Same here. Waiting forever to get an Aztec sweater and finally ran into one at Ross. I think I like yours better though :)


  9. Daaang-I gotta make a trip to my local Ross soon! And I'm totally getting baby fever too..it's all over my news feed and my friend just had her baby and the hubs and I went to see them in the hospital...let me tell ya- holding a newborn gives you baby fever like WHOA!

  10. Guilty.....I totally have Jessie James 2009 album on my phone. That family is gorgeous!

  11. Can you be any cuter in your $9.99 Ross sweater? Love it and your new hair cut!!! You can pull off any hairstyle...not fair!! happy moving, love!!