I confess...

Monday, March 31, 2014

The house is slowwwwwlyyyy coming along...
...I haven't had much desire to blog lately. Between moving, my kiddos taking the STAAR, and the sheer exhaustion of just living on this planet, I have had to force myself to muster up a post. I can feel the itch coming back, though. I can't wait to show y'all more house projects!

...we have three deer heads hanging in our living room...and it was my idea.

...I am so ready for summer.

...I bought $30 worth of things at Ross and I am taking them back because I feel guilty. Y'all, my resolution seriously changed me. Not even kidding.

...I purposely "forgot" to get ice cream at the store today because Chris and I have no self control when it comes to eating ice cream. It is bad. 

...I have a to-do list that is a mile long, but I just get so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing.

...Chrisley knows best might be my favorite new show. Don't judge.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You feel guilty?? :( eek
    That was a smart move on the ice cream. I have to do things like that.

  2. Um I'm kinda afraid to admit that I watch the Chrisley show too...and a lot of other reality shows that I probably shouldn't ha!

  3. So glad to know someone else watches Chrisley Knows Best! I'm embarrassed to admit it but I can't wait for tonight's episode!

  4. Ha I feel ya on the having so much to do that you don't end up doing any of it--I hate that lol! And I am dying to watch this Chrisley show--everyone is talking about it :)


  5. you felt guilty, wow, you have come a long way! When I ate ice cream we had no self control either, we once ate an entire half gallon of ice cream because we were going on a diet on Monday, so we naturally had to finish off the half gallon we had just bought...then didn't do the diet on Monday, haha!

  6. HAHA! Matt & I both are liking the Chrisley Knows Best show!!

  7. Love your blog! I totally get what you mean about feeling "guilty". I just bought a new home with my guy and the guilt overwhelms me sometimes with what I buy but I do not have the self control like you to return so I end up keeping it! Ha!

  8. I do the same thing with ice cream, chips, etc. My husband will eat an entire bag of chips or package of cookies if I buy them. So I "forget" them sometimes ;)

  9. I love that you purposefully forgot ice cream! If only I could purposefully forget Nutella and pretzels!

  10. Chrisley knows best just adds on to my reality TV addiction and I don't care who knows it. #deerheadsforthewin

  11. Girl $30 at Ross is nothing. Show us what you got. You deserve it (hope you didn't take them back), especially after all the heartache and headache with getting your house. Let me know what you got. =)