WIWW: Bright Stripes + Link Up!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Chris, take the picture from here down..."

When you become a teacher, the first thing you should do is add bright things to your wardrobe. At the end of the day you will have something on your clothes that was not intended to be there. Secondly, those bright clothes should be cheap.

Take, for instance, this dress I got at Ross for $14.99. Ross does it again! I had a million teachers asking me where I got my dress from and I hate saying Ross because it is not like you can run to Ross and get it. It is always so hit or miss!

Texas has yet to decide if it is going to be hot or cold, so I paired it with boots, but that might have been the last day I wear boots this season. Bring on the sunshine!


- My sunglasses are totally disguising a make-up free face, dark circles, and my pony-tail is hiding messy, dirty hair. STAAR test, I will defeat you.

- Speaking of testing...I never realized how exhausting it is just to monitor the exam. Whew! Standing and pacing for four straight hours is literally exhausting.

- I have $90 of reward money to spend at Banana Republic, Gap, or Old Navy and this weekend THESE shoes will be coming home with me!

- And I am basically craving everything at Nordstrom right now...I am getting the itch to shop...ugh-oh.

- Last night when I told Chris I forgot to get ice cream at the store he said, "It's okay, we can just go to Braum's!" #myplanbackfired #iamtryingtoeathealthyhere

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  1. So cute! A dress is on my list for April, so I may have to swing by Ross. You're right- they almost always have something great but you never know what it will be. Hope STARR testing is going well- you can do it!

  2. I love the dress and always forget about Ross! The boots are adorable! Love the zipper detail. Good luck with the STARR testing. I've always been on the parent side of that but even that wasn't fun so I can't imagine it from the teacher side.

  3. I actually thought of you last night as I downed a bowl of ice cream and then felt like a total fatty and wondered how you eat it every night and stay so thin?!!? :)

  4. What a fun dress! I love all the colors! I've heard so many people talk about Ross- I wish we had one near where we lived!

  5. Have you scoped out SJP's collection at Nordstroms? I want her Alison Booty so bad, but $485 for a pair of shoes I MIGHT wear 3 times a year seems excessive :( Problems of a work-at-home mom :)

  6. I start a long term sub for 5th grade in the middle of April and let me tell you, its smack dab in the middle of testing so I get to jump right into the fun ;)

  7. HA! I love that y'all are ice cream addicts too. It really is a problem for us sometime. :) You are too cute friend. Good luck to your kiddos on the STARR Test!

  8. Hahaha..those are totally how our pictures sessions go.."from here down..no HERE down...don't cut my shoes off...hold on there is hair in my mouth...." lol beautiful colors on you my friend...ya for dress weather!

  9. That is a super cute dress and screams Texas to me! Love it!

  10. That dress is gorgeous and for 15 bucks!! Woot woot!! Is it one of the things you purchased at Ross lately? I also love them boots. The Orange zipper gives them lots of personality and they are perfect for Texas.

    Those Gap Sandals are so cute. Nice basic neutrals that would go with so much for Summer. =)

    I just got updated with your lovely blog because I hadn't been here in a long while. Left you many comments your way. As always my pleasure checking in and linking up. I am doing a 30 for 30 challenge this month so check with me every now and then to see how I succeed or screw it up. LOL

    Have a Great Thursday, Ada. =)

  11. That dress is so much fun, I love the colors!

  12. Oh gosh, you poor thing. I've only thought of the STAAR from a student's perspective. Can't imagine what you must go through as a teacher!!! At least you're looking gorgeous in that dress. The stripes and colors are just perfect!