WIWW: Confused + Link Up

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Texas is a bit confused on whether it is spring, summer, or fall. One day we are sweating our you-know-whats off and the next we are bundling up like a burrito. The bipolar weather has resulted in this springy, yet fall-like outfit. Still rockin' the scarf...because you never know when the weather will turn from 80 to 40, but it is too hot for boots. I wore my boots and a sweater yesterday and I was a tad bit on the sweaty side as I was walking out of school. I just tell Chris it is the kids who hug me all day that make me smell like I've been running a marathon.

In other news, the house is coming along. Of course I could complain that I am tired of unpacking and organizing, but that would be Sarah in typical fashion. Oh right, I am tired of unpacking and organizing, but that story is for another sad day.

On the school front, my kiddos took their STAAR test last week and they now legitimately think the school year is all but over. "Are you seriously giving us a worksheet right now?" Yes, cherub, I am. I am alllll for the cruel and unusual punishment tactic of giving your students work after their state exam. Yesterday, I had this conversation with one of my babies:

Student: Mrs Tucker, all this work is giving me a hedic!!!!
Mrs. Tucker: A hedic?! (Very confused look on my face...)
Student: YES! A HEDIC!! (pointing to head)
Mrs. Tucker: A headache?!?!?! (puzzled look thinking 'please tell me this isn't true...')
Student: A headache? Oh, yes! A headache!
Mrs. Tucker: (goes to white board and proceeds to explain to the class why it is important that we keep learning the rest of the school year because apparently we have a long ways to go...)

And onto other stuff...I ordered this shirt yesterday and it is the first article of clothing that I have bought this year that I have truly been wanting since the first time I saw it. Everyday I tell my cherubs, "be kind" and so I knew I must get this shirt!

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  1. Great combo! Perfect for our schizophrenic weather. Hope you're having a great week! Hope the housewarming party is great! So sad we can't be there, but let's do a date night soon!

  2. I think Minnesota is just as confused as Texas! We had 10 inches of snow last week and then 2 days later, it was 50 degrees... Make up your mind :) Love the outfit!


  3. Love the colored pants and wedges!

  4. Iowa is just as confused, too - spring weather in the 60s this week and 40s and snow predicted next week. Ugh! I'm also a teacher, and I hear ya - the end of the year is so hard!


  5. Haha "a hedic!" Hilarious! I am so confused with how to dress for this weather too! It's so cool in the mornings, but it usually warms up by the afternoon... so ready for a permanent spring!

  6. Cute outfit! And I'm loving your hair! I cut mine short last summer and am now growing it out again. It's about the length that yours is...I can't ever get it to look cute when I curl it. How did you do yours??

  7. What is up with this weather? I came home Sunday evening and it was freezing....in my book!! But today, today is glorious!! Yay for the house coming along, keep us updated with pics! And I know you are so happy the STARR test is over. Logan is taking her's this month!! EEEEEK!

  8. Great basic look... you are super cute!! I also never keep a scarf far from me :)


  9. Haha I thought maybe the kid had an accent. Is that what Texas accents sound like? I was only there for two days so I didn't get to experience your culture lol. That's too cute though :)

    I wish I had a photog to take outfit pics of me so I could link up!!

  10. Washington has almost decided it is spring. lol Super cute outfit! : )


  11. Your hair looks great and I love those pants!

  12. The weather is bi-polar here too. That is why I got sick for like the 5th time already this year. Baby is sick too. =( Ufff.

    Cute outfit. Love the color of the pants and that Chambray is sort of Ombre, perfect for a Texan. Your hair is looking cuter each day.

    You should stop by when you can to see how I am handling my 30 for 30 challenge so far (doing it all month lol).

    <3 Ada.

  13. LOL! My kids think the school year is over too. They're complaining about having two more tests before it's over. TWO MORE TESTS?! Are you kidding me? :) Anyway, you look super cute. Loved seeing you in heels.

  14. omg yeah the weather is ridiculous!! I wore a sleeveless top with a scarf and slacks yesterday. I FELT confused haha!

  15. Hehehehe...Cherub...I love that word. And leeerve that you ordered the Be Kind shirt :) Adorbs and so fitting.

  16. Adorable look! And LOL At Cherub/hedic. :)

  17. 1. Your hair looks fab!
    2. That is the perfect first purchase!